Tuesday, January 4, 2011


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  1. Bone!

  2. As far as the post goes, meh…..

    Firstly, I realize that you haven’t posted yet, but I <3 Arrested Development.

  3. She seems to be using “orgasm” and “erection” interchangeably.

  4. Alex needn’t worry. His sex life rarely involves women.

  5. Wow… Hope Olivia’s not his girlfriend…


  6. How long does one really need to sustain an orgasm? The current ‘run time’ seems perfectly sufficient to me. I’ve never thought after one “Oh I wish it had gone on longer”. In fact, if it lasted an hour I’d be firing my bones out of my piece by the end.

  7. Next time, try your zinger in English. Just try.

  8. for me, alice is the real star of this post: she can’t seem to decide if she’s a repressed misogynist virgin like alex or an angry “men-are-shit” pseudo-feminist like olivia. also, the way she says bravo at the end is positively victorian.!


  9. MsBuzzkillington

    There is a tshirt of an egg and a chicken in bed. The egg is smoking and it says, “I did.”

    Guys don’t get orgasms rarely, they get them every night with help of the internet. I am confused by her zinger.

    Also, doesn’t it take more work to give a girl an orgasm? So, wouldn’t that mean it takes a lot longer for girl to have an opinion about something?

    Olivia is trying, but since fate made her a girl, she is never going to get there.

  10. I wonder what ‘misogynist’ means, and what it sounds like when spoken.

  11. Jah.

  12. misogynist – massage -ah- nist

    one who hates women

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  14. Opinions are like orgasms… I like to shove mine down folks throat until they splutter like a chunky, paste like cum geyser.

    I mean there not EXACTLY the same, but pretty similar.

  15. And this is why Alex will be single for the rest of his life. Lucky for him his hand can’t have an orgasm anyway so he doesn’t have anything to worry about.

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