Thursday, April 8, 2010

On and Off the Market

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  1. What the hell?

  2. Christopher for the win! Excellent use of zombies.

  3. Mario and Dreddy

    No, Christopher for the loss. Is he 12?


  4. lostintranslation

    I’m with Mario & Dreddy–Chris’ attempt at humour was poor, plus he self-submitted, so on the whole I think he’s pretty lame.

  5. What’s “f.e.?”

    Matthew FTW. That was so satisfying.

  6. Oh, Amy, no.

  7. Ah, didn’t notice the self-submit- that is lame. Although I still enjoyed the ROFULLCOMPUTERSZOMBIEZ-ness of it all. But then, I play World of Warcraft, so that’s kind of my thing, sadly. 12 year old sense of humor for the (sad, sad) win!

  8. hey Chris, if you came to “America” wtf are you doing in Canada?

    and yes, I realize that Canada is in North America.

    and yes, good use of zombies.

  9. With a bachelors degree in “Simulation and Digital Entertainment” (aka graphic arts), she can look forward to a long career in the coffee distribution industry.

  10. Chris…that was awesome. LOL

  11. Nice one, Chris. It’s nice to see someone treating spammers to their own medicine.

    I like zombies…do you think Chris likes turtles?

  12. Finally! Lamebook posted one of my entries. Of course it’s not one of the funnier one’s, but definitely lame. Pathetic Amy.

  13. @ dcrearview
    He said he came from america not to america. I guess he’s just from there and moved to Canada.

  14. What a shocker, Jews trying to conduct business!!!! what’s the point of him advertising thenuplan when you need a username and password to access it? What a shocker, Americans obsessed with zombie movies!!! WTF, zoombie boom? Is he like disco Stu from “The Simpsons” He thought disco sells are going to up because from 1976-79 sells were up 400 percent? HEYYYY!!!!
    Lamebook should have blur the Bean Hollow name. If you look it up you can find it and see the persons full name and her “resume.” Maybe someone should go around telling people, “You been lamed. Congratulations.”

  15. ugh not only is amy lame but her resume is crap. didn’t anyone ever teach her how to create one? “was found fit for a management position”… just write that you were promoted to manager dumbass! and only listing one responsibility per job is not going to get you hired anywhere that pays a decent wage.

  16. @ hawktorn terrible grammar 🙁

  17. @howdy and @dcrearview… I agree with howdy.

    @jukaswo I agree! MATTHEW FTW! straight and to the point and a punch in the chops.

    and lastly I also agree with Obama… good ole universal health care

  18. @Hawktorn I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Perhaps a few fewer !s and a point? Funny is once again lost in the text.

  19. I really don’t understand what would possess someone to put their resume up on facebook! Please someone tell that girl to revise… for all those years on the “Dean’s List” her resume is absolutely terrible *shudder*

  20. the economy is pretty bad….but is it really that bad? i guess if you need a job there’s no finish line.

    and definitely zombies ftw. mostly because of mister con man up there.

  21. The zombie one was lame. FTL is more like it.

    I would pick the comment Matthew made as the funniest. It sounds like he was the one to fire her. Or hes just a really shitty friend.

  22. lol

  23. Excuse my grammar, I am dyslexic, and when I type things they make sense in my mind.

  24. I have no words for Amy…
    Matthew’s comment is the best one on here!

  25. @hawktorn
    Not everyone that lives in Israel is Jewish.

  26. Even though it was self submitted, Chris’s still made me laugh.

  27. I am so getting in on that book thingy with the zombies before the recent boom.

  28. I thought about it, and the only two words atm that would make sense in “Michael’s” is for ever, which would be a grammarfail. however, I think he’s failed as hard as he possibly can at this point. =/

    Matthew is the funniest comment, definitely.
    Amy, you need to be shot, mauled by a mob of pissed off cats in heat, thrown into the most corrosive type of acid, then shot again.

  29. lostintranslation

    @jukaswo & @Keona: I think f.e. is “for example”… although why he wouldn’t use the standard abbreviation “e.g.” completely escapes me.

  30. @lost: yeah, that makes more sense than “for ever/ forever would have wanted..” 3 AM makes for failing witty comments to fail posts. very ironic. thanks for saying that. 🙂

  31. Wow….putting your resume on Facebook is sure to get you a job!And where is Eenerbl? things are just not the same without her :/

  32. מייקל אתה אידיוט

  33. I thought about not submitting (I’m Chris, btw) because it would seem too egotistical, but honestly how else would you all see it anyway? :p Sometimes, you gotta take one for the team lol

    And yes, I’m a stay at home dad who moved FROM America to Canada about 6 years ago. I picked zombies because I’m actually working on a story so it seemed to fit.

  34. I like Canada. And zombies. You’re okay in my book, random man I don’t know.

  35. Dear Christopher, you should fix your typos. Then you would be a better writer and your zombie books would sell for many more dollars. By the way, #32 is Hebrew me! 😀

  36. hahahaha
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  37. ELIXABETH! Stop!! Or at least spell your name correctly and LOSE your poorly-spelled, propagandizing signature! For the love of God!

  38. Beebop! Her signature is correctly spelled in every way. She missed an apostrophe in God’s, but otherwise, it’s correct. Second, it’s not propagandizing, it’s proselytizing, BIG difference there. Third, I’m assuming she’s an American like probably 2/3 of the membership of this website. Given that A) she is American and B) this website is American, she has the Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech. You don’t want to read about God’s love? Don’t. It’s a free country. Quit slamming her just because she wants to share something she finds joy in.

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