Friday, July 17, 2009

Ovary Informed

Ovary Informed

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  1. Kevin is going to get shanked, you just know it.

  2. You know what would be hilarious, if this person has ovarian cancer and all of her friends now look like total assholes. Well the looking like assholes part would be hilarious, not the cancer part.

  3. agreed; TMI.

  4. I think Tamara is ovary-acting here

  5. The Great Pink Ovary In The Sky

    oh.. Evan, I am going to make you a woman for a day. when you cry I will not help you. you have 24/hours of pain coming. this is meant to give you a new perspective… BYEEEEEEEE!!

  6. I feel bad for her, but if you post it on facebook, I lose all respect for your pain and suffering, and take it as an opportunity to laugh at you… HAHAHHAAHA

  7. just kidding, I SUCK COCKS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  8. I feel a lot like this too but I don’t put up things on facebook I’m sure my guy friends would rather gouge their eyes out then read.

  9. The Great Pink Ovary In The Sky

    Just Kidding! I’m a stupid bitch!

  10. what the fuck are wrong with peoples’ names these days? shit. you can be innovative, but for god’s sake this is ridiculous.

    they’re all morons, by the way. in case no one caught on.

  11. The Great Pink Ovary In The Sky

    hahah!! oh i am so rude to myself!

  12. who wants to watch me masturbate?

  13. You all sound like you’re 12.

  14. Keep asking, one day ‘God’ will change his mind I’m sure. Oh wait he doesn’t exist

  15. How can one’s ovaries hurt?

  16. oh good ol’ kevin, that crazy kidder!

  17. #15: You are clearly not female or else you wouldn’t be asking.

    While I would love for all the males out there to become aware of how utterly dreadful it can be during a female’s “time of the month”, this is ever so slightly the tiniest of overshares. It’s better kept as an e-mail passed around amongst the females in this exchange or in a regular conversation, though they’d probably discuss even more private things in person.

    And Jason? It doesn’t necessarily take ovarian cancer to get that special kind of butt-kicking pain that would require a prescription pain med. EWndometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome are two other *fine* candidates there.

  18. Endometriosis, not “EWndometriosis”. Pardon.

  19. Poor girls, but PLEASE don’t share….

    & to the guys, it can be so painful one cannot walk, only curl up in fetal position – & try going to a doctor (especially male) & they’ll tell you that you’re being rediculous & it’s just normal!

  20. mine are so painful that vicodin does nothing.

  21. @ This sucks

    Nobody cares how painful your periods are you stupid doyle.

  22. @Retard_remover
    Don’t be an asshole.

    Pain relievers did nothing for me, but birth control with a high progesterone dose did! Try it!

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