Thursday, November 7, 2013

Overhearing the Elderly

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  1. Steeeeeeeevvvvvvvv…… oh wait… shit…

  2. Why is a guy named ‘Jefferson’ making fun of old people?

  3. If you’re throwin’ on up, do it to the East side, please.

  4. Call him Jeff please guys

  5. I don’t butt dial. I vag dial. Ok, not really.

  6. I dial with my winkie, but it only makes trunk calls

  7. Ass dialing my neighbors at 7 am got me to lock my phone down!!!

  8. Mel,
    LMMFAO, haha, vag dialled!!!
    ok, not really.

  9. JennySlade I do it for the vibration of return calls.

  10. But not really.

  11. Dial anyway you want, as long as it’s not genital wart dialing. that’s just nasty.

  12. Jello buns?
    That should be a dessert.

  13. Reyna D. Claypool

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  14. #7 I can understand the logic of locking your phone to prevent accidental “butt dialing” However, some of us with smartphones have this absolutely fucking stupid “emergency” button feature on our locks screens that we can’t remove. For that very reason I can’t have my phone locked, because I’ve dialed 911 by accident an extremely unreasonable amount of times. They really do need to implement some sort of “are you sure you want to call the fucking police you pocket dialing idiot option”

    I’m lucky they’ve never actually charged me for it, a couple of times I was in the process of committing a “crime”, if purchasing weed is considered a crime to you…, and one day I did it more than 30 times. Twice the police showed up to my general location (assuming they tracked gps on the phone) and were cruising the parking lot. Not knowing what to do and hanging up when you notice this mistake is made even more embarrassing when they call you back.

    I’ve gotten yelled at by the dispatchers so many fucking times! I’ve actually googled this phenomena to see if any other people were having this problem. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for them, it’s such a common occurrence since cell phones started implementing this lock screen feature that they usually just yell at you, a lot, for doing it.

    Once time and actual cop got on the phone and lectured me, while yelling at the same time, because it was the third time I called in less than five minutes. I was apologizing profusely for tying up their line. I really didn’t mean to do it. He told me I need to figure out how to disable it on my phone, and after telling him it was impossible with the lock screen enabled, he said I’d better disable the lock screen and just deal with it before I get in trouble for calling them over and over again.

  15. ^TL;DR

  16. ^^ still a better story than lamebook posts

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