Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Things Never Change

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  1. Pretty cappy writing for such sophisticated paper.

  2. Reserved for Steeever, second bitches !!!!!

  3. This isn’t even mildly humourous. And fuck off piss-face.

  4. CollegeHumor posted this note a few days ago. Now I’m wondering if David R is lying or Lamebook set up that facebook post. #ConspiracyTheories

  5. Who cares? Ashley is a whore.

  6. Well, seeing that she can’t spell the word “probably” correctly, I’m now wondering if she even know what the “P.S” stands for.

  7. *knows

  8. Thirsty.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

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  10. ^ FYI for anyone new to Lamebook, these are the spam parasites that pop up every so often.

  11. FYI for anyone new to Lamebook: leave now while you can, there are Canadians here.

  12. If “Ashley” wrote back, why would she still have the note? Highly suspect.

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