Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pantie Dropped

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  1. There’s mildew on those things.

  2. Fucking spunk right up in her. Boom!

  3. Fake!

  4. Jordan incorrectly used “there” when she should have said “they’re”. So I fucked her.

  5. Sadly, this girl will be judged harder for her tacky taste in underwear than for her tacky taste in sexpartners… but… ehh… Dylan, you touched those voluntarily..? >.<

  6. 9, you’ve only ever fucked your hand.

  7. I’d sniff em.

  8. @9 You used “they’re” when you should have used “their”, so, bend over, bitch.

  9. ^My plan is working. I fucked your mom.

  10. 9 your plan’s fucked, it was my mum you fucked and you never even sent flowers.

  11. FAIL

  12. “…and girls with nasty vaginas look how raunchy these underwear are…”

    everyone else feel free to look away.

  13. Is this post even fully in English? That last comment has my head spinning, trying to figure out wtf it means.

    Also, why do women spend so much time getting mad at the woman their boyfriends cheat with? They aren’t attached to you, they can fuck whomever they like. Maybe she should have posted her boyfriends underwear instead since he’s the one she should be mad at.

  14. Sluts……… Neat

  15. I’m willing to bet the farm her own underwear wouldn’t have fit in that frame, and she would have had to crop it so her skid marks could be seen.
    And THAT is why Dylan looked elsewhere – because Jordan is fat.

    BTW, good catch, MsAnne. I can’t look now. 🙂

  16. ^yes. you really can.

  17. thats cleaner than my roommate undies . her undies in bathroom HAS A FUCKIN SHIT MARK In it so…

  18. The last girl I fucked with dirty underwear was a real mess, i mean there was shit everywhere.

    Nappies can be a nightmare sometimes.

  19. 906 likes? Bull. Shit.

  20. I’m surprised no one else commented on that before me.

  21. mofo, people who prey on the elderly deserve everything you get.

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