Friday, August 9, 2013

Paper Proof

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  1. You show those cunt rags!

  2. They can test cunts rags for STD’s now? Wow. Technology is awesome.

  3. I just farted, and a dead gerbil tumbled out.

  4. @1: They’re actually worse than cunt rags — they’re “cunts rags.” I’m guessing each rag must be used on more than one cunt to officially be christened a “cunts rag.”

  5. It still proves how much of a slut you are, OP.

  6. Way to prove you’re not a dirty skank, Belinda. Keep it up!

  7. Why is your sexual health even in question? ..There must be a reason. I’ll meditate on it.

  8. Now that is my kind of girl! You know not infected and stuff.

  9. She’s clearly such a whooer and been taking it up both holes for so long, it’s gotten difficult to differentiate between her cunt and her arsehole, so she calls them both cunts.

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