Monday, April 6, 2015

Parenting I Like

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  1. I hate these posts — along with the, to be honest, heart on favorite picture, and likes for blowjobs. Remember the days when people had self worth because of who they were in real life vs who they portray on their FB’s?
    Protip: Use this to your advantage. Make your facebook look professional and amazing for when your boss or landlord is looking through it. Party pics will only hold you back.

  2. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Normally, I hate those posts, but this one is actually pretty good. She’s teaching her kids that Facebook likes don’t mean shit.

  3. reminds me of the time i asked my mother to run lamebook. i regret it now, of course.

  4. uptil I looked at the receipt for $4969 , I accept that my brother could actualey bringing home money parttime at their laptop. . there friends cousin had bean doing this for less than 6 months and by now paid the mortgage on their place and got themselves a Acura . look at here now

  5. Sooo, getting likes on FB = ‘working’ now?

  6. Wonder what her parents did to embarrass her this much.

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