Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Wrong, So Right…

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  1. Stever, Ben , first

  2. #1 we don’t have enough space on the internet to expound on the reasons that we bring up the sexes why we do.

    #2 It started wrong and was made wronger, omg, absolutely omg

  3. Actually, Sleeping Beauty didn’t kiss a stranger, they had already met. 🙂

  4. I dont get the second one.

  5. @belle, Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust and wrote a book about it. I’m not sure how that makes him a winner, so I’m guessing that’s why it’s up here.

  6. He did win a Nobel Peace Prize too, but that was over 20 years ago…

  7. Also it makes the Holocaust sound like a big, fun game, which I’m pretty sure it was not. It’s just really unfortunate wording. I can’t even figure out what they were trying to mean. And, belle, the 6 million votes thing refers to the people who died in the Holocaust. Terrible, shocking, but, I admit, funny joke. Is that the part you didn’t get?

  8. Things you can win: An Olympic Gold Medal, The Lottery, a Spelling Bee, Miss Universe, Money.

    Things you can’t win: Ghandi, The Sun, Cancer, Time, The Holocaust.

  9. Although I guess you could win a holiday, which might give you some time in the sun to get skin cancer. But hopefully you get the point.

  10. I also think it’s pretty lame that the submitter of the second piece was the person who posted it on Facebook to begin with. Not that the photo isn’t shocking in itself.

  11. And The Little Mermaid is about how guys don’t care what girls have to say, just how they look. Which is pretty much totally true.

  12. FHsGirl I agree. He’s not all that special enough to win a prize just for surviving. They chose the prisoners at random to take to the gas chambers, to be burned, shot, worked to death, etc etc. Really, he was just a lucky bastard. Kudos to him, though.

  13. Sara’s status is from status shuffle. just modified a bit.

  14. My Grandad survived the Holocaust….he was German.

  15. You should have said “My Grandfather died; he fell off the watch tower”

  16. So which of the Nazi death camps was your granddad in? Or do you mean that he was not in one so he outlived the millions of people put to death in them?

  17. The Elie Wiesel thing was a Fox News screw up. They were talking about him being a Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner and ended up combining the two. What a surprise that Fox News would make such a mistake.

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