Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Care to Share

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  1. That cookies one is a quote from Futurama.

  2. Period food fest!

  3. heather is right… classy gals swallow

  4. I don’t think Josie knows what her cervix is…

  5. And Heather, keep doing what you’re doing… if you can’t spell “baby(‘s)”, you definitely shouldn’t have any!

  6. While I support Heather’s outlook and all, she does realize spitting doesn’t mean she’d make a baby right? If that is the correlation in her mind… well, on her knees may be the only way she’s getting places in life.

  7. Yeah why would Josie’s cervix hurt? Just got a painful pap smear?

  8. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Let us remember that if Heather is swalling, she *isn’t* getting pregnant. Genius? Absolutely (aside from the incorrect apostrophe usage which I’m sure she totally.planned).

  9. commentsatlarge, shut your dirty mouth… spitting can definitely lead to babies

    Phillips accuses Dr. Sharon Irons of a “calculated, profound personal betrayal” after their affair six years ago, saying she secretly kept semen after they had oral sex, then used it to get pregnant.


    On the bright side sperm was ruled a gift… any ladies looking for an early Birthday present, I got a sack full of gifts for ya

  10. Boo Josie, the non-Futurama fan. You stink. Bender’s great. Deal with it.

  11. But how does she know how long it’ll hurt for?

  12. Josie’s cervix hurts when she has her period? I’d get that checked out if I were her. She’s just fobbing him off 😉

  13. Saff, could it be that’s when the much more well-endowed guy she’s cheating with leaves town?

  14. On the subject of Frodo, but not this post..Elijah married a ballet dancer last week, they’re a pretty cute couple of pretty boys. No joke, not being homophobic so shut the fuck up.

  15. Sorry Christopher, I’ve only seen that on a guinea pig before…

  16. Yes, stop being passive aggressive, put down the cookies, and rape the bitch.

  17. Is Heather doing a blow job while watching Maury??

    That’s a first.

  18. I like cookie guy’s name is Jurassic.

  19. lmao i went to school with a girl named alisha who was on that episode of maury. she went back 2 more times i think, and tested a total of like, 12 guys, then gave up.

  20. Jurassic must be ancient. Josie, meet Christopher.

  21. Oddly enough, the “Poppler” Futurama episode is on tv right now…

  22. I know how Christopher feels, people once kept staring at my bulging erection like they’d never seen one before.

    I was even more pissed off when the police came and arrested me for exposing myself outside of a girl’s school.

  23. That was you? You scarred me for life.

  24. Scarred for life? Were you the girl I played hide the protractor with?

  25. Remember you caught me smoking behind the bike shed and that was the only way you’d keep quiet ….

  26. Yes, yes it’s all coming back to me now…. I quite clearly remember the only way you’d keep quite too, you cheeky little sausage gobbler.

    Fancy us meeting up here after all these years, small world ain’t it? Hey you don’t think the restraining order is enforceable over the internet do you?

  27. No, looking back I’ve realised you did me a favour. I didn’t have to drag myself home to a beating by one of my many uncles after getting detention for smoking. See, one has to look on the bright side sometimes.

  28. I bet it help when you saw that therapist who helped you heal by setting up re-enactments of your trauma.

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