Monday, October 17, 2011

Park It!

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  1. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Parking like douchebag, easier then assisted parking….

  2. I once parked like a douche… I reversed up a girls cunt.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    What a surprise, it was a woman parking.

  4. My friends and I used to block these people in with our cars, and then walk home. We didn’t live far, so it wasn’t an ordeal on our part, but sometimes a weekend with their car blocked in would prevent them from doing it in the future.

    One time, a dude with a VW Beetle tried to park like that, and a bunch of guys carried his car away and set it down between two poles. It was weeks before he found enough help to get it out.

    At least we never slashed tires, broke windows, or damaged anything, though.

  5. @ No.2 Sad little fuckpig, did your mummy not touch you enough when you were growing up? Did daddy never tell you he loved you?

    Get your own fucking routine and stop watering down my memory with your Half-a-Cunt shit-schtick… Fucking cum swilling cock munching bell end.

  6. Shit-schtick is very hard to say.

  7. Vincent_Valentine

    @4. that’s pretty awesome haha.

  8. @5
    I forgot that you rose again as cheesuschrist! I thought that guy was kind of a watered down version of your beautifully vile tirades.

    That’s great! hahaha

  9. Back in the early ’90s I was in a big parking lot in Melbourne one day, when a sports car zoomed in and parked diagonally across two handicapped spaces. Then two yuppies hopped out and the guy did a fake limp for a few steps while they both had a good laugh…I was younger and not into confronting these two fuckers, so I contented myself with scrawling WANKER on a big piece of card in thick marker and slipping it under the windshield wiper for all to see…I’d love it to happen nowadays, now that I’m older and crankier! BTW, @#5, nice rant, made my day lol

  10. Why did you bother with the card instead of marking on the actual car? Everyone who saw the way they were parked knew they were a “WANKER” without your sign. I appreciate the effort, but it was wasted, IMO.

  11. when people park in ways that offend my sense of fairness and justice, I smear dog excrement on their windows – making sure to leave plenty to cover their door handles. make the punishment fit the crime, I say!

  12. hootie the blowfish

    @MsAnne … But, doesn’t that mean you have to handle dog shit? Not sure you’re really coming out the winner in that exchange.

  13. @seledoux I know, wasted opportunity…it would’ve been great to write it in heavy marker in the windscreen or hood etc…like I said tho, I was younger and much more shy back then.

  14. no hootie, no.
    I usually snap off one of their wipers and use it as an awesome fecal paintbrush.

  15. If someone parks in my space; I eat their children

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