Friday, April 12, 2013

Parker’s Point

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  1. They.

  2. FlyinTalkinDonkey

    They aren’t wearing helmets or shoes because they aren’t pussies.

  3. Or knee pads? Or elbow pads? Or chastity belts?

  4. @Parker Because they are little faggots.

  5. Because with most NRA members logic, dad is going to shoot the accident in the face. No need for helmets, bullet will do just fine.

  6. Dawn of the Dan

    Helmets don’t prevent traumatic brain injury. The only thing that stops traumatic brain injury is a good guy with a gun.

  7. carlosspicyweiner

    Fuck you lamebook.

  8. With carlosspicyweiner’s level-headedness and emotional stability, I feel much safer knowing he’s a gun owner.

  9. I saw a movie where only the police and state owned the guns. It was called Schindler’s List.

  10. Your scrawny ass is worth protecting, as the parents need someone to take care of them when they grow old and shit themselves.
    Let’s face it.
    Children are meant to be the parents’ slave.

  11. And why the fuck is that guy’s profile pic a fucking pony?
    He’s the pussy, not those kids.
    They’re badass.

  12. Fake.

  13. Hey MarioDragon, do a little research before you say stupid things. Citizens could own guns in Nazi Germany.

    You fail by invoking Godwin’s Law and by being really stupid.

  14. Aaaaargh — I posted this before, but it contained a link, so it’s been perpetually “awaiting moderation.”

    @MarioDragon Hitler actually increased gun ownership under his power (guns in Germany were completely banned following WWI).

    Further, even if Hitler had completely banned guns, this argument is one of the reasons I really can’t side with the Republicans on anything (even though my personal politics are definitely right-of-center): They greatly exaggerate anything they oppose, which makes a rational discussion impossible.

    Did you know you can buy guns over the internet? Seriously. To require that the people doing this aren’t convicted felons is very different from restricting gun ownership to agents of the state. Almost no gun control advocates want to completely ban gun ownership. They just think it’s fucked that a violent criminal with a well-documented history of violent acts can go to a gun show and buy as many AR-15′s as he wants. And guess what — a majority of Americans, many of which are gun owners, are in favor of background checks.

    Anyway, real thought and reasoning both deal strongly in gray areas, and this is something the republicans don’t seem to grasp. Gun control doesn’t mean banning all guns. Allowing gay people to marry doesn’t mean someone can marry a horse, etc.

    Here’s my impression of a typical republican (R) and his wife (W), discussing something:
    W: Honey, I think maybe you should go on a diet.
    R: You want me to eat NO FOOD at all?! I’ll DIE! That will KILL ME!!!!
    W: No, I just think you should cut back on the 8 Chipotle burritos you eat every day.
    R: My wife is trying to kill me! By starving me TO DEATH!
    W: I’m not trying to kill you, I just want you to be healthier!
    R: I know of another place where people didn’t eat — it was called AUSCHWITZ!!!!!
    W: Like I said, I think we should eat more veggies rather than fast food.

  15. Meh I side with the left for the most part, but I hate crap like this. Owning a gun does not make you a good or a bad parent. Guns are inanimate tools and nothing more. We don’t need to live in a police state that does not allow guns to be safe. We do need more specific rules over people who are allowed to own guns, namely a psychological exam, not just an age limit. Seriously if we had better resources to find the broken people and take them out of the general population and keep it that way crime would drop pretty quickly.

  16. First lots of commenters talk about Hitler this and Auschwitz that, Godwin these and Eichmann the other, then ‘Friendzone’ comes in and, without a hint of irony, starts talking about how we need to come up with some kind of ‘solution’ to erase ‘broken’ undesirables from society quickly and cheaply and it gets 14 upvotes.

    Shit like this is why I love lamebook…

  17. carlosspicyweiner

    Merle, rest assured the only guns I own are antiques and are completely unsafe to use for anything other than a conversation piece. I’m simply against gun control propaganda aimed at law abiding citizens.

  18. #16 Irony works much better if unexplained.

  19. Who’s worried about guns?! Those kids could get hurt. We need to outlaw those bikes.

  20. I understand the general outrage associated with this post, but I can’t help but be annoyed by the hideous font used in the speech bubble in the photo.

  21. ^ That font is called “Hobo.”

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