Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pedo to the Metal

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  1. Pussyfooting ? Wait that does not mean what i am picturing now , does it ?

    For the record , pussyfooting around anything is not my style. Nothing is off limits , expcept for my mum off course.

  2. There’s nothing like a a good pussyfoot!

    An adult pussyfoot, of course …

  3. People, I just don’t do the pedo jokes, it’s that simple.
    You guys wanna have a laugh, go right ahead.
    I’ll save myself for other things.

  4. How is my post stupid?

    How do you know Adam and Eve weren’t black?
    Have you ever tried to take a rib from a black man!

    See, I can make jokes too. And you would know it’s a joke. But, if Steve was joking, why would he take the time to look up the actual statistics on the youngest pregnancies in the world. Maybe it was a joke. Maybe that is why Pablo wasn’t offended. However, it is still a racist joke, even though those can be funny sometimes too. But, do you really think that all of the people on Steve’s friend’s list is likely to 1) know who Pablo is and 2) know that is Steve is joking? Or do you think that someone, like Miss Taryn might actually take it seriously and act differently towards him. Whether the racism is coming from Steve, or some potential unknown on his friend’s list, Pablo’s post was clearly meant to combat any negative perceptions someone might have of him based off his ethnicity.

  5. @ariesdragon

    Really? You honestly think someone would deliberately go out of their way to learn something nasty in order to insult someone they, mind you, have to LIVE with? I assume they are in college and are poking fun at each other, as is typical with interracial friendships. It’s not racism, it’s acknowledging each others’ differences in an entertaining fashion (just as catholics and protestants poke fun at each other, boys and girls poke fun at each – but I suppose by your standards those sorts of things are hate speech as well regardless of the context or intent). Steve probably accidentally came upon the information doing random internet searches (as I did the first time I found out about the youngest pregnancy, look up oddities and that’s the sort of thing you’ll find) or hitting something while researching for school or something like that. Who knows. Hell, maybe he knows a pregnant girl and looked up pregnancy – holy stumble Batman!
    You would have to be extremely dense or overly sensitive to not recognize the joke in Steve’s comment, regardless of your knowledge of the situation. Pablo has a comeback because it’s normal to respond jokingly to a JOKE. He’s not fighting hate, he’s being a typical dick like any other college student or young person talking to a friend.

    Get off the high horse and find another forum to preach in if that’s your prerogative.

  6. #1: There is nothing funny about pedophilia.
    #2:Aries, Pablo was Steve’s roommate. Every body who knew Steve, knew Pablo.
    #3: Racism clearly came from the Jews. (Just not funny to me Aries, joking or not.) You make fun of the thing people SHOULD change, not what they can’t.

  7. Rofl I love your sad face there, mal. I can only imagine the crushing blow he felt knowing that wordpervert doesn’t acknowledge him.

    Secret wish: I hope I can someday join the ranks of Soup, wordpervert, mcowles, etc as a famous LB commenter. *NO SARCASM!* Their comments all make my day.

  8. What the hell is sexting???

  9. @ Mhn77… I think he meant Texting. Illinois passed a law not too long ago banning texting while driving. Its not like it makes the drivers there any less stupid, however

  10. dillweed, I think he DID mean “sexting”. Its texting sexual messages back and forth.

  11. the last one left me speechless..lol

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  12. Easily amused, are you? Get a new signature, elixabeth.

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