Monday, January 16, 2012


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  1. Lol!

    Aw, why stop there?

  2. That’s gotta be fake…but my daughter thinks it’s real.

  3. YoDawg is trying to pick up girls again. Nice.

  4. I hope that’s fake, idiot.

  5. I hope the next action on her part was block-age. Happy MLK Day, I bet he’d be really proud of this motherfucking moron.

  6. …and kids, that is why you should stay in school

  7. And this is where stereotypes come from.

  8. Apparently black people really talk like this.

  9. in my neighborhood, or “hood” as they call it, they DO talk like that. with more jigga this and jigga that. or they’d just rape her.

  10. Paranoid Android72

    Fair play, he did spell religion correctly, aside from the utter butchery of the English language in the rest of the ‘conversation’, I say bravo sir, u r indeed, da man.

  11. Read a book, nigg3r. Read a motherfuckin’ book.

  12. Damn Lamebookers where you at

  13. We be all up in here, Hawkbit.

    I don’t like the word “shawty”. It’s like a poor pronounciation of “shorty”, and yet it’s supposed to be a term for “hottie”.

  14. Ah. Showing your true colours MsAnne.

  15. ^It’s a song. Google it, you fucking retard.
    Jesus fuck! Just for ONCE could you refrain from typing before your brain is fully engaged? For once?

  16. ^bahahahaha

  17. That’s about as engaged as Flames’ brain gets, MsAnne. With his level of brain wave activity, he’s lucky he can independently swallow his own saliva.

  18. winning

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