Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little Too Much

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  1. sounds like chelsea has a really loose vagina..

  2. What? It’s not here fault she has a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina.

  3. It’s her man’s fault.

  4. lmao.. thats gross. if you have trouble keeping a tampon in your vag, then you have some serious problems.

  5. Codename Dutchess

    “wide-set vagina” aka a fucking hula hoop between her legs.

  6. Paranoid Android72

    Poo my pants, now that is fucking hilarious. Comedy has truly reached its zenith.

    Fuck it, when we are discussing tampons and cavernous lady-holes, the apocalypse is almost upon us. Repent ye.

  7. i think somebody ^^^ might have a cavernous lady hole of their own..

  8. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    Not to burst everyone’s bubble but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a used tampon. If it were, why would she say it fell out of her SHORTS? I think she had a tampon in her shorts pocket and it fell out. Though mildly embarrassing, far less so than a bloody tampon falling out of your vagina.

  9. i like the bloody tampon fallin from her vagina version better.

  10. I like the guy who is busting for a crap on a train. Not, you know, in a toilet.

  11. #8, if he was embarrassed about it, why would he write about it on a public forum? I don’t think he’ embarrassed, I think he’s letting the guys know that he gets around and they better start queing up!

  12. my ‘s’ key jams. please put an ‘s’ where applicable above.

  13. Amen, trippinnn.
    Was that Puma joke original? If it was, that’s pretty fuckin funny.

  14. The Puma Pants joke is NOT original – it’s an Australian comedian’s from “The Twelth Man” – a cricket commentating spoof..

  15. These people are dirty

  16. lmfao Chelsea is my friend, Her sister posted this on her status.just a fyi 🙂

  17. In other words, Chelsea was fraped?

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