Thursday, September 1, 2011

Phantastic Photos

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  1. Why do we have to see those horribly ugly photos in between the entry and the comments section? there’s always some guy with half a head, some fat cunts, a random crab…it’s depressing.

    Oh and the camp partiers entry was really lame, so well done lamebook.

  2. LMAO @ “there’s always some guy with half a head”. I laughed a lot louder at that than I did at any of these bogus posts.

  3. <b CHUCHO try Adblock Plus.

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    This pineapple is delicious. I wish more people ate fruit and would feel how refreshing a piece of fruit is. We need to farm more of these so we can all have some good times together. Remember people, farm together and eat fruit.

  5. That poor guy with the blue bandana…

  6. Adblock Plus…thanks yodawg. Wish I’d known of it before the permanent retinal scarring.

  7. That’s impressive toe strength. And that photo is lame and her dress is unflattering.

  8. What’s with the Batmanning chick’s toes appearing to be embedded into the door, rather than hooked over the top?

  9. And not even a good ‘Shop job on the first one. Beside the toe thing, the door knob shadow (at about a 45-degree angle) doesn’t match the shadow supposedly thrown by her calves (at about a 90-degree angle).

  10. CzekM8, Look at her pony tail, how’d she get it to stand up like that if it were photoshopped? (which it isn’t)

  11. CzekM8, did you also ignore the angle that the door makes with the wall? Since one shadow is on the door, and the other on the wall, it pretty much compensates for your supposed discrepancy.

  12. And the tennis shoes that seem to meld with the door? And about that door knob shadow, notice how it actually goes all the way across the door — somehow magically passing through her throat? And what’s with the area where her face should be? Seriously, this is one of the worst ‘shops ever.

  13. The shadows are exactly what we would expect from a close light source. I also don’t see the tennis shoe problem except that the photo is pretty grainy there. I don’t deny that it might be shopped (I suspect it was done via other trickery, though, like something holding her feet in place), but your ‘shop detecting does not strike me as being very good.

  14. Her feet aren’t imbedded into the door. We’re only seeing the tops of her shoes. The bottoms are cut off, and you can see they’re at an angle going over the top. You guys seriously can’t see that? I’m on a tiny phone screen, and I can see that.

  15. Ripley, the tops of her shoes are what would be going over the top of the door. I’m looking at it on a 23″ monitor (I like a large monitor, since I’m using graphics programs like PhotoShop most of the day), and can see the things that are wrong with this photo quite clearly. And again — what’s going on with where her face should be?

    Worst. Shop. Ever.

  16. Lol at 23″ being large.

  17. wonder if the massive f*ckin head rush I got from hanging on the door was photoshopped too…my shoes are smashed (along with my damn feet) because wait for it…I’m holding on to a f’n door with my feet. Czek quit living in the hatrix, hater.

  18. and my shitty ass iphone takes blurry ass pictures, gfy.

  19. Lol, JD (a.k.a. The Woman Without a Face). One thing I do believe: your iPhone takes shitty pictures. Oh, and your PhotoShop skills suck.

  20. that photo is not shopped. czek yoself fo’ you wreck yoself fool!

  21. CzekM8….I am really confused….are we supposed to think you a smart b/c you are commenting on shadow angle variations, photoshop skills, or that your a self proclaimed master at detecting supposed photoshop jobs?…Well Master of Photoshop…you are WRONG….the photo is real….get a new hobby…b/c detecting “‘shop” jobs isn’t in the cards for you.

  22. Seriously. I don’t know how she’s suspended, but it doesn’t look Photoshopped at all.

  23. wondering if the people talking about photoshop are serious or have they finally come to realize that it is a Barbie doll in a dollhouse. C’mon!

  24. obvious now, eh?

  25. definitely not a barbie, i havn’t seen any barbies or barbie-like dolls whose hands can get that close to their thighs. Also that is to well defined of an elbow to be molded plastic

  26. vaginalroundhouse, your comment (4) made my day. Thanks eternal!

  27. Give some people a piece of string and they will end up with a batshit conspiracy theory…

    So yeh, like, this piece of string was made be the same aliens as the ones that made the pyramids cos you can tell from the way it’s been engineered

  28. It’s real; and probably wouldn’t be that hard tbh.

  29. I believe you batmanned that shit JD, and I believe that I’d want to see you from the front too

    I’ll never try to batman in a doorway at least because I would def fall and snap my neck

  30. Great, now lamebook has devolved into fuckin’ PhotoshopDisasters?!

    (btw that’s not a ‘shop job)

  31. I’m pretty sure her feet are duct taped to the door.

  32. holy shiznit…Ok sooo here the deal. Guy friend flipped upside down, clung to door with my feet long enough to take the shot and got the f*ck down. It really isn’t that complicated or that hard to do. And I have silver new balances on, its not duct tape tool bag. I’m awesome, the end.

  33. Perhaps more believable, jd, based on the way you ‘shopped the photo is this: Guy friend chopped the ends of your feet off, and then super-glued you upside-down, about 2″ down from the top of the door. And that’s where PhotoShop came in, because someone had to erase out all the blood that must have been gushing from your now-shortened feet.

    Epic fail.

  34. “what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    It seemed fitting…

  35. Hey, that’s an idea for your next ‘shop: have Adam Sandler hanging on the door next to you! (It’d still be an epic fail, but at least you’d get more points for effort!)

  36. Dude, the shadow from the doorknob goes across her shoulder, not “through her throat”. At this point you have to be trolling, cause that obviously isn’t a ‘shop. jd is a goddamned badass. ‘Nuff said.

  37. The tense hamstrings and the angle of her shoulder suggest that she is fighting against gravity.

    Hair and shirt could be easily made to stand up, but they don’t look obviously fake here.

    The shoes at first glance appear to be fake. However, on closer look what appears to be the toes is actually the tongue of the shoe, with the toes over the top of the door.

    So it’s plausibly real.

  38. I stand by my first impression which is that it is a doll. There are very life-like dolls out there that would have the molded elbows. Look at the hairline. Screams doll hair to me. Also, looking at the size of the door and the size of her head it seems impossible to me that her head is that much smaller than the door. Look at one like that in your house. My four year old’s head is bigger than that in relation to a door.

  39. Also, if you look very closely, you can see the seam where the head of the doll is attached to the neck. There’s a definite line there.

  40. ceebee, i’ll take your idiotic doll conclusion as a compliment. I am quite the work of art.

  41. CzekM8, 1000xSTFU

    ceebee, STFU too. My mom makes dolls(I can provide you with her website if you wish!) for a living, that includes molding(you know, with resin, which is like, plastic), painting, hair, you name it. This picture is not of a doll.
    Some problems you have with your comment which I would like to point out
    1.)People do not have enough patience to make a doll that literally resembles a fit human being without making it look overly fit and unnatural. Not a lot of people are capable of capturing the REAL muscle tone, skin, and anything else. Have you also looked at her fingers?? They look VERY VERY unnatural for being a doll, with the fingernails and all.
    2.)What’s wrong with her hairline!? I see nothing wrong. And what seam!? Don’t you think it could be a pendant relaxing right above her chin!? And what makes you think there aren’t dolls out there that have human hair??
    3.)Your 4 year old probably has issues if his/her head is bigger than that in relation to a door, so you should take him/her to a doctor.

    I understand that you and that self- proclaimed shop idiot Czek are probably a damn trolls too, but seriously, this is obviously not a damn shop job, not a fucking dollhouse. Both of you need either glasses or Lasik. Good luck to you both 🙂

  42. Fuck you lamebook. For reasons I won’t bore my fellow commenters with, except to say that my comment didn’t make it.

    Basically, a doll’s shirt wouldn’t bunch up (or down) like that either.

    Various hate yous, great legs, and all that shit I don’t feel like typing again

  43. It is not photoshopped. You blithering idiots.

  44. I hope it’s real because that is seriously hardcore extreme living on the edge of awesome bad assery. Yet, i see no tension in her body at all. If you were actually doing something like that, suspending your entire body weight on half of your feet, you would expect a clenched fist or some form of muscle definition in the backs of the legs.

    Photo taken right after my friend put me up there and walked away. hope this resolves this ridiculous “real or not” debate…and Benny my calves are like friggen rocks, along with my hamstrings.

  46. jd, your friend has epic taste in pyjamas.

  47. indeed he does.

  48. JD is smoking hot. I’d eat a pineapple with her any day.

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