Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Phone Follies

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  1. I bet they do scissor.. FIRST!

  2. LOL yea nigga get yo own wi-fi

  3. Some one near my house has wifi called “My wifi, so HA mutha fucka”. They are stupid because they don’t have it locked, so it’s everyones wifi, so HA at them.

  4. So, is still saying ‘first’ the done thing in an ironic, cynical, post-modernist style?

    Is yodawg still persisting with the same ‘joke’?

    Are vincent and Soup still around?

    Has anything on here been any good since Suroor?

    Answers people, I need answers goddamit.

  5. I’m adding a bogus wifi SID tonite, I’ll set it up on a router that is not connected to anything and leave it open so it will go nowhere. I’ll call it “tragically hip”.

  6. @hey Retarded Android,thanks for mentioning my name. I feel important. But im not trying to be funny at all. If i want to read something funny i wouldn’t be here in the first place. Only retards like you with a superb level of sense of humor find this place funny. As for me i’m just here to anger people and the ocassional trolling. I actually thought you’re still busy finger fucking your pets but im glad you came back. Welcome back,this site needs you <3

  7. Hehe i’m just kidding,no one missed your corny ass.

  8. Retarded Android? Really? That’s the best you can do? Sheesh dawg.

    You don’t anger me, more of a mild amusement seeing a dead horse being flogged over and over and over again.

    As for finger fucking my pets, I only do that to get them in the mood for the real thing, you dig?

    …and for fucks sake, is it that hard to do a capital ‘I’?

    Yours, with love

  9. Some lesbians moved in below me and their internet was named “taco smell”.

  10. yodawg is so white he is practically a ghost

  11. Popping my comment cherry and can I just say…

    Paranoid? I think I love you 🙂

    The comments you make are far more entertaining than the posts themselves.

  12. @Paranoid – Dawnyal.

  13. Ive seen the wifi one on here before.

  14. @PA: lol and ranting on a humor site is what’s funny to you? Then logging with one your many account to praise your own comment “hurr durrr zomg PA u iz so funny,funnier than the post” hehe really? And no its not hard to capitalize “I”,i just dont care that much. Cuz if i do care that much about grammar and spelling i wouldnt be here wasting my time here at work and rather write a book so its worth it wasting energy on formal writing. :p

  15. Sorry yodawg, all I heard there was blah, blah, blah

  16. Wassup yodawg, just to politely inform your good self that this is my one and only account. I am not so insecure as to create multiple accounts to bolster a fragile ego.

    Chin Chin

  17. hmmmm nice work yo-douche

  18. Yo! Dawg! (I feel like such a fraud saying “yo”)

    Is it me, or does explaining that you’re here to troll kinda beats the purpose?

    I’m sure it’s me, though, not you.

    Don’t feel bad

    PS : Anyone getting angry over LB is an idiot… and very entertaining. Please, do get angry and rant, people

  19. @yodawg : you really don’t stop and think, do you? Just because you would (and probably have) sink to the level of praising your own comments under a different name doesn’t mean everyone else does. I am a completely different person than PA, and that’s no joke ‘dawg’. And honestly, the thing I find most insulting is your very very poor attempt at an urban dialect you’ve probably never even heard in real life. It’s not my fault you’re a skinny little wangsta.

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  21. Lol y’all are so sensitive. And yes jumping on someone’s conversation is cool. Now let me give y’all a hug, and the obligatory butt sex.

  22. Btw good job PA’s. It’s prolly hard switching between accounts so mad props to your very funny ass

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