Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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  1. The three of them can fuck off.


  3. Especially the palest ‘nigguh’ in town.

  4. Steeeeeeeeeeeever

  5. Why is this editing programme or whatever it is so popular with teenagers? I see pics like this on Facebook all the time…

  6. I guess it’s a bit like saying Steeeever in posts. A small minority think it’s cool and funny. The other 98% realise it’s fucking stupid.

  7. It’s cool and funny because it is fucking stupid.

  8. I wouldn’t mind bloodying ‘Soulja Boy’ a bit – and even taking a few whacks at Lill Bri. I don’t believe in hitting girls but that rule is rescinded when they don’t act like girls. Besides, “mess with me ill mess you up” despite the fact that the pic has hearts and peace symbols all over it? She definitely deserves something not very nice.

  9. What. The. Fuck.

  10. The first picture is made twenty times better once you realise she’s wearing a Reese’s sweatshirt.

  11. P.S. ‘lill bri’ is uglier than a hat full of ass.

  12. glueyourfingers: And yet she still doesn’t come close to spelling it correctly. Fucking splendid.

  13. Every time I start to have hope for our youth -not to mention the adults- I just pop onto lamebook and reality hits me like a freight train. Fuck the future, I weep for now.

  14. @throwingtofu

    “uglier than a hat full of ass”

    Fucking brilliant, I must use this in my rants at work.

  15. These three misbegotten tweens will likely end up as the next generation of Jersey Shore.

  16. That girl in the third one couldn’t look more bored if she tried!

  17. #13 – Don’t weep. Drink.
    3rd photo – Yikes.

  18. Anyone for a round of “Shoot, Screw, or Marry”?

  19. You all jus be haters…

  20. *yall

  21. *y’all 🙂

  22. *you all (reprise) 😉

  23. Good idea trustyrusty, only do it with lamebook commenters! You start.

  24. It’s funny how there are different definitions of cool out there, some people think it means awesome or great, others like Bri,think it means ‘Inane ridiculous fuckpig’

    Soulja boy looks about as gangster as a ten month old baby girl wearing a Teletubbies romper suit with a fucking dummy hanging out of his arse.

    I love her too…..but not more than Agadoo.

  25. Have to admit Bri looks like she’s twelve AND ugly. And as for the second one….why the hell is that bathroom so empty? There’s nothing on the shelves! Does this kid even bathe?

  26. haha, the first girl is like..11. hahaha.

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