Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pic Your Battles

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  1. Can’t blame #1. She does look like a guy.

    Wait, is that you in the picture MsAnne?

  2. Agreed on pic #1. And LoL on msanne

  3. Hey, I fully support the two in the bottom pic. Never agreed that just because a woman gets preggers, that entitles her to the best parking space. (Oh by the way, if I’ve got my two month old son with me, do I get to use the space? The sign, predictably, says no.). These guys’ mistake is they’re just sitting in the car, if they’d walked inside, there would have been no way to tell they were breaking the rule.

  4. I guess if my 1yr old son and I go to that store, we have to park further away. All the more reason to send my wife: “honey, you get premium parking!”

  5. Bet the other side of the sign says “handicap parking only.” I’ve seen many a mentally challenged person take advantage of that.

    I’ll bet MsAnne looks nothing like that boyish chick.

  6. @3 and @4, most signs (especially at the mall I live by) say “expectant mother or parents of infants” and I’m sure this sign meant to convey to same message. No need to get nit-picky over something absurd as that.

  7. Well the guy looks like me and my boyfriend looks like the girlfriend

  8. @6, but that’s not what the sign conveys at all. It is gender specific. If there was a sign that said fathers of infants only, feminists would be in an uproar.
    I’d park there too and hope people saw me.
    inb4 “Watch out, we got a badass over here.”

  9. Is the fact that she’s pregnant and doesn’t have to walk the 8 extra steps, or the fact that she’s pregnant and smoking? Maybe you’re all just having problems interpreting this picture’s theme.

  10. im a mother of an infant…could i park there with out my infant then?

  11. OK, seriously, which one is the girl?

  12. I’ll take a stab and say it’s the one in the NFL cap, Saff. But as I’ve seen many a girl sporting a dark stache, it may very well be the other one.

  13. That’s the most androgynous couple I’ve ever seen. Geez, little asshole wants to get mad because his ‘girl’friend looks like a pretty boy. Oh well, I guess he gets kudos for defending her looks. =)

  14. Codename Dutchess

    I love how he adds “dumbass” to emphasize how obvious it should be that the other person in the pic is his girlfriend. If not for the peach-fuzz pedostache I would have no clue who the guy was.

  15. I thought the pic showing the chick might be ugly because of the blurred out eyes. But I stepped back a few feet and you could barely tell the eyes were blurred–and she’s still ugly.

  16. I’m not convinced that that couple isn’t lesbians – and the fuzzy one is probably taking some form of pre-op hormones.
    ‘Hormones’, freddy. Like what you’ll have when you reach puberty. Not what your mommy does when she goes with sailors.

  17. It looks like the girl asking if that was her brother is about 5. What a beyattch.

  18. As for the last picture – my little sister took it. The other side of the sign is for expectant mothers and the mothers of infants as well. When Lamebook edited the pic to protect the innocent, they blanked out the fact that the individuals are older than Methuselah.

  19. Hormones! That’s funny! Like wh*re moans! Classic!

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