Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Professor Probs

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  1. A good semester, huh? Your professor already knows you can’t read.

  2. Meh, my first comment is awaiting moderation. All I said was it’s like looking at fail ///random/// blog //random// only a few days ago.

  3. Well this isn’t awkward. So these comments require moderation?

  4. what a slut 😀

  5. Looks like they pulled the one that was posted on another site a few days ago… cheeky lil hobbits.

  6. Should have pulled down her pants to get that easy a

  7. slicingupeyeballs

    She should’ve sneaked a peek, said ‘nice cock, bro’ and high-fived the prof…

  8. #1: Same thing I was thinking.

  9. I bet they’ll end up sleeping together before midterms.

  10. #3. TommyB, I’ve been slowly working through what you can get away with on this sight – and what will get modded out. You can say pretty much any obscene, degrading base insult – but you can’t say ‘n i g g e r’ (without the spaces). And you can’t put in links.
    But you can call freddy a sweaty-handed, cum-gargling, semen-encrusted little cunt goblin. So it all balances.

  11. This is funny

  12. It’s best not to demean freddy in public. It turns him on, because it reminds him of his mother.

  13. Wow, “your washing your hands” – this girl’s in university?

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