Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pick on someone your own size…

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  1. beatusmongous

    If you can’t take the singing, get out of the toy store.

  2. He followed him with one mickey in his hand?
    That’s a little creepy.

  3. No one said it was a toy store. And let’s try to have a little common courtesy when we’re sharing public places. That goes to all 3 involved.

  4. I assume that these “cool guy” or “witty guy” brags like this should all end with the following disclaimer: “And that is what I thought I should do, but I wimped out. But I did say to myself, “Why not post it on Facebook anyway?”

  5. sleptwithghosts

    These stories are lame but not the type of lame I’d like to see on here. The damn site is obsessed with posting wins but wins are nothing other than a rant that a coke head went coke head crazy about. We all know there’s enough fucktards out there with unwanted children or cheating bastards getting caught on Facebook to have to constantly read all of these unfunny I did something for a kid or something stupid at Coles posts.

  6. He forgot to finish by saying that everyone in the whole store applauded.

  7. ^ That’s because they applauded after he was arrested.

  8. crustylovelips

    Thought this one made a nice change. Fuck courtesy, if a little kid wants to play with a toy fucking let them. It’s not hurting anyone. Plus, toys are down the toys aisle. If that miserable bitch didn’t wanna hear it they should fuck off to the tampon section.

  9. they told him he could be anything he wanted, so he became a hero.

  10. crustylovelips

    Exactly what do you want, Sleptwithghosts?

  11. I’d say that someone should have knocked his ass out…especially knowing at least one of his hands was occupied with the toy and his retarded brain already preoccupied with pressing the fucking button on the toy.

  12. hannibal-lecture

    mickey’d like a boss

  13. sleptwithghosts wants u 2 fuck off 2 the tampon section crusty..already been established

  14. u should take ur own advice more often

  15. Seriously when did we decide to let kids do whatever the fuck they want just cause they’re young? Granted yelling at some rando’s kid isn’t cool the kid should listen to and adult. This other guy is just fucking self centered, with a shitty attitude. Frankly they’re all idiots, but at least the kid has an excuse.

  16. This guy is awesome and you know it.

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