Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brain Dictionary Blown

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  1. Death to the infadels.

  2. beatusmongous

    It’s usually accompanied by “harder.”

  3. “The America people…”
    What the fuck?!

  4. Not to be a grammar nazi, but unless multiple students answered with the same gibberish, I’m pretty sure this “teacher” has misplaced the apostrophe.

  5. Oh shit, I just realised papers is plural, justifying her. TAKE-BACKSIES!!

  6. Clearly take-backsies doesn’t work on here. Bite me.

  7. Is she talking about the North America people, the South America People, the Central America people, or all?….then again, fuck it!…never mind.

  8. I’d have to say my foreign language skills are probably not half as good as these students’.

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