Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wiped Out

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  1. beatusmongous

    LMAO @ poo tickets.

  2. If that’s half a roll, that’s some cheap ass toilet paper. You’ll be lucky do anything with other than have it disintegrate in your hands and then well let’s just you’ll be washing your hands for weeks afterwards.

  3. “I would tell her myself, but I’m too busy adding to her humiliation.”

  4. Jesus Christ!!! How far up her crack did she have to go before she found her asshole to wipe it?

  5. I can think of one person who’s in a position to tell her…

  6. Worse still, she appears to be wearing attire for physical training while not actually playing sport…

  7. Awesomesaurus

    I really don’t get how this happens to any one. How are you wiping your ass? Are you just shoving a wad of toilet paper up there hoping it sucks it up like a sponge? I honestly don’t see what series of events could lead to a tp tail hanging out of your ass.

  8. Steve should’ve told her that her toilet paper sheet was visible instead of fucking taking pictures and posting them on facebook.
    Fucking prick.

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