Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Statue of Stupidity

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  1. I’m thinking Jenna would make a good “statue” then.

  2. That’s one really old dude, then. I’m surprised his balls aren’t touching the ground.

  3. Clearly not a real person. Men that hot do not have dicks that small.

  4. ^You beat me to it

  5. looks like you touched a nerve there, franky lol

  6. She does much more than just touch it.

  7. frankenstein, the sad truth is that sometimes they do. I weep a little when I think about it. Let’s not discuss this again.

  8. The post made me want to weep and then I read the replies….LOL…there is hope.

  9. I think Frankie was being sarcastic, but anyway, there are two types of men: ‘Show-ers and ‘growers.’

    A grower may well have a small member when flaccid, hell, mine isn’t very big when it’s not being used – what matters is that it more than measures up when, erm, called into action.

  10. It’d be funny if somebody dressed the statue up in lingerie for the lulz.

    But that statue’s a rendition of “David” by Michelangelo, right?

  11. Paranoid Android72

    Please, for the love of Jeebus, do not let Jenna breed.

    Show-ers vs Growers – I’m a show-er, hence the ban on me entering public parks.

  12. Jenna’s watched one too many Vincent Price movies.

  13. ^ Speaking of movies, you can make a statue by freezing somebody in carbonite, just ask Han Solo!

  14. DanR, rarely should the things I say be taken too seriously. You’d think people would know that by now.

  15. I’m going to choose to believe that Jenna is not an adult. I feel slightly less sad about this that way.

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