Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sleeping Assmate

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  1. retart

  2. We all know black guys don’t eat.

  3. stoopit

  4. or go to school……………………

  5. milkandtwosugars

    @1, it’s spelled “retard”, retard.
    Although, the pic is still ridiculous.

  6. marlasanchez. That’s not funny. What’s funny is i stole these items from my neighbor for free!

  7. @milkandtwosugars… Retart was taken from a past lamebook post. So the joke you don’t get is spelled “retart”, Retard.

  8. ^this

  9. milkandtwosugars

    Oh, I thought there seemed to be a lot of people misspelling ‘retard’. Where do I find this post? cheers

  10. How come the Lamebook higher powers block comments from real people and allow the Marla Sanches of the world to spread their continuous annoyance on every single, Godforsaken post?

  11. or Sanchez, sorry

  12. @micdawg12….THAT rumor is completely false! 😉

    But what IS that thing in the picture?

  13. nachomama, it’s a dummy used for practicing delivering a child. And they have a little plastic baby that someone on the other end pushes through while you ‘deliver’ the baby. Not very realistic, but the closest I’ve come to delivering a baby so far!

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