Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picture Perfect

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  1. Sweet, we have another brag troll.
    Well, the weight loss surgery clears everything up for me. No offense to her, good that she took a step towards better health, but I think I’m doing mine the traditional way. It makes you have much less flab and drag, if any to do it slower.

    Sorry about earlier. It was a severe mood swing. However I still stand firm when I say I am sick of penis cakes lately. You’re going to not make me want to ever see one again, and go lesbian. “enough with the cocks, baby I want your hole being”

  2. I wish everyone would stop saying they are cellulite free …. please :S

  3. Cellulite – Just because you can’t putt a golf ball into it dosent mean it’s not there!

  4. Jeez the reason there’s a Lamebook is so we can come on here and mock/laugh at all the dumb/funny posts and pictures. All you PC holier than thou people who have posted about self esteem blah blah and every woman has cellulite blah blah can piss off. We came here to judge in peace!

  5. Agreed.

  6. #97 Douchetastic, I agree with you 100%. Also, hello, I see no stretch marks indicative of huge weight fluctuations either. Suzy is genetically predisposed to being exactly this shape. She is a pear. That is my final, bitchy, judgemental opinion.

  7. I have no idea why people are saying that #4 has recently lost a lot of weight. In the past year I have lost around 20kg (I dont know what that is in pounds) and my legs do not look like that. I lost weight properly, going to the gym and then walking 5 days a week. Maybe if you lost weight on a fad diet or something you might look like that, but I doubt it. To be fair, Im only 21 so maybe my body adapts better to change, but she just looks strange. If she had have lost a lot of weight, maybe she would be justified in posting those pics as she would be proud of herself for reaching her target. But really it just seems like she is an old lady who should know better then to post private pictures like that online.

  8. MissBea is now Frodo. Go back to your pool, “hater.”

    I agree with word. There are no stretch marks, and she’s older than 29 as ruby said ^ Sorry…but 29 is still fairly young, shouldn’t her body still have a somewhat easier time if she was 29? Bloody hell, I don’t whether to make heads or tails of this.

  9. I too have a pear shaped body and curse it. Good news is, I went to the doctor yesterday and talked about my goal weight and dieting. They said I’m doing everything right and my goal weight is in fact 135! Apparently I’m medium boned instead of small boned. Which means I don’t have to be 85-120 max. She said that would be just as bad on my heart to be underweight than to be obese. Go me!

    I made a bad joke with my bf and said “Insecurity time, does that mean my bones are fat >_> and I have to lose marrow for them to be small? Or maybe just not consume any calcium and vitamin D?” Alright, boo me off stage with rotten tomatoes and fruit.

  10. Just for the record I would fuck all the females in the above photos…even that pussy in the first one.

  11. Bestiality? Imamofo, you know that the first one is really my in a cat costume, right? Silly boy, fur is for kids.

  12. For everyone arguing with Alex, it’s not that 100% of women get cellulite; it’s that 100% of women can get cellulite because, it’s true, the fibers in our thighs are arranged in a criss-cross pattern creating pockets of fat. If you don’t get too much fat, then it won’t push through and it won’t show up as cellulite. If you do get too much fat (and you don’t need a whole bunch for it to be “too much”), then it will appear as cellulite. No need to get so defensive that someone suggested you might one day get cellulite.

    Also, I wish that woman hadn’t posted that picture. 🙁 But good for her for having body confidence, I guess…? But I’m still sorry I had to look at it. And she’s trash anyway for posting a picture of her panty-clad ass.

  13. me** Oh great, another day of me not double checking everything before hitting enter.

  14. Cellulite sucks. It’s all in your DNA. Skinny girls get it, some larger girls are smooth, I’ve seen it over and over. It’s not true that you can’t get rid of it. Lipo can make it worse so that’s not the way, but you can always tone and cut out toxins to make it better. My friend gives up fizzy drinks for two weeks and sees an improvement. Bad cellulite runs in my family – lucky me! – but when I’m fit and toned it does go away, it only comes with the fat in my case. I think it’s a very individual thing and for those women in their 40s who are toned right up to their butts without doing anything, you are so lucky.

    As for the woman in the photo, ack! The top of her body is in its 20s and the bottom is the grandmother of it. I’ll bet her stomach matches the thighs, though. Elasticity is also in the DNA as well as being affected by lifestyle.

  15. Sear, congrats on the weight loss and all, but 20kg in a year wouldn’t cause anyone to look like that.

    If this woman really did lose a lot of weight it’s probably in the 60 – 80 kg range.

    In other news, why does it matter what one looks like in order to share their opinion about someone else? If I was a supermodel it would then be okay to say it’s gross and unattractive? I’m not, but I’m not huge either, and if I did look like that I’d call myself gross and unattractive. You can’t change what you like and don’t.

  16. Keona, I promise you… she is 29.

  17. Hey, it’s just my opinion. That’s all, no harm done. I reserve that for my slags on here.

  18. Questioning the looks of someone who judges someone else’s looks on the internet is just one of those internet cliches, like comparing people to Hitler. It’s a way of saying “I disagree with you” that people would not use to someone’s face. If I disagree with you on the internet then therefore I must be fat, have no life outside of being on a computer, eat Cheetos, live in a basement owned by my parents, etc.

  19. Pic #4: Goodbye boner.

  20. TylerDurdenUMD, who comes to this site with a boner in the first place??

  21. I’m fat with some thick thighs and I’m pretty sure my legs look better than that. Like that one person said, her bottom half looks 80.

  22. omg, why would you post that pic of yourself? Thats just embarassing…

  23. I’m so saying this: D’awwww! Kitties!!! SOOO cute!!! 🙂 🙂

    And now when that’s out the way, oh dear LORD those legs on the last one! And why would you post half-naked pictures of yourself anyway? Oh yeah, the attention whore -syndrome. Sorry, my bad.

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