Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picture Perfect Problems

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  1. I’d say the parenting fail in the first one is naming your kid Doglass.

  2. Agreed.

  3. slicingupeyeballs

    There was no fisting when I attended life drawing as a teenager. Just lumpy, hairy women and awkward lads trying to sketch while hiding erections…

  4. That second one is quite shitty.

  5. I am going to pose for those classes

  6. That first pic might not necessarily be a parenting fail – it might just be an innovative way to get the beers home.

  7. Agree with MsAnne. And I love the second one…I’m partial to fisting humour. I could never stand to be in a life drawing class. I’d be too busy staring at the nude models rather than drawing.

  8. ^ slut.

  9. Yes, I’m a slut because I have a high sex drive? No. Whether dating someone or not, which I am, I’m still going to look. Men are pigs and look all the time while taken, so why can’t women be pigs as well if we feel aroused?

    A slut is someone who has sex with numerous people. Looking is not sex, I’m sorry to inform you. I’m sure you look at attractive people, so give me a break, O Purist wanna be.

  10. this isn’t the first time you’ve been called a slut is it?

  11. God it’s hot when sluts start getting all sassy. You wanna look Ayita, i’ll give you something to look at….

  12. Yay! Sluts!!! I’d love to throw a hammer in your… works. If you know what i mean.

  13. Not only is there fisting, but the fistee seems to have a transparent arse. X-ray fisting.

  14. Ayita likes porn and plenty of monogomous sex. Awesome!

  15. There’s nothing wrong with having sex with lots of people Ayita. I will back you up if you choose to do it.

  16. Sorry Ayita.
    Getting aroused at a life drawing class does indeed make you a slut.

  17. I posed for a life drawing class. Not as awkward as I thought it would be, just a bunch of pretentious hipsters with fifty dollar charcoals.

  18. i did a year of art in college til the teacher suggested i be a mechanic (cartooning doesnt work in graphic design). anyhow, the nude models were always some skinny guy and once a 50 year old woman. the woman had her period start while standing there. the teacher covered her with the white blanket she was standing on and led her out of the room. Some people were tramuatized. Later on, i was outside my house and one fo the skinny male models rode his bike by. He must have been a local neighbor. He waved to me.

  19. I’m just gonna go ahead and be a little pretentious and explain that those are gesture drawings of the same model drawn in 30 second poses. It’s to warm up before you get into the ten minute poses, then the hour long poses in a three hour session. The picture above is kind of funny but they’re a dime a dozen in art school.

    To Sirbutlust, cartooning can be a part of graphic design! I did my graphic design thesis in graphic novels and was never discouraged with pursuing comics and animation as a career. Some of the best “cartoons” come from design backgrounds. Whoever told you cartooning doesn’t work in graphic design is full of shit.

  20. i get what your saying carbon but they wanted 3-D looking designs. an example is we had a project where you take 3 squares of paper and find clashing colors to match on every piece, placing every square an inch apart to make one long picture. everyone did these designs that made something that looked 3-d. I made the first panel of a guy with a gun, neon green on yellow if i remeember right. then the next panel was the arm with the gun going off, the third was a hare krishna getting shot in the head, if i remember right, the second panel had the hare krinsha screaming no. THe guy shooting had “HA HA”s all cut out and pasted around him. The hare krishna had one “ahh” then i pasted monkeys all around. I got a C thougt hte teacher said the guy being shot should have said “AH < AH AH" over and over to counter balence the "HA HA HA HA"s all over the first panel. he was confused about hte monkeys but is aid they were cool. I m not a pot head but i reamember getting stoned that morning with the older ladies. IT didnt go well.

    found it on my old photobucket account, heres why i failed art school (and i got a C on this one)

  21. I’m not surprised you failed art school. I’m very surprised that you actually got in.

  22. That’s why I love it here in Sydney… Fisting capital of Australia!

  23. @23 in all fairness, the pic was made when i was in my brief stoner phase.

  24. Mummy dearest doesn’t realise that this is a sketch of Ella’s weekend in Kings Cross, and NOT the actual life drawing class.

  25. Money to stand around naked. Nothing beats that

  26. I hope you all are trolling…..calling me a slut for getting aroused at a naked form is hypocritical. Men are piggish as well.
    Man: I’m in a relationship but I’m going to go jack off to other women.

    Socially that;s fine.
    Suddenly a woman does it for a change….and she’s a slut.
    For thinking mentally. Not fucking someone physically.

    Please be trolling, or just stupid. Please.

  27. ^a little from column A; a little from column B.

  28. Ayita, I think it’s pretty hot that you become aroused visually. That’s uncommon for women, and to me, it’s rather sexy.

  29. I don’t see much wrong with the first pic… So the baby would be laying down, so? Babies are in a laying possition in carseats. Plus, they would be secured into the stroller. If the connection to the bike is sturdy, why is it so bad? Do explain.

  30. I don’t see how the first pic has anything wrong with it. The bike and stroller are locked up. It would be different if there was a baby in the stroller. Lamebook fail.

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