Monday, June 21, 2010

Picture These Parents

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  1. @IVB I have dabbled in pot smoking and have many respectable friends and associates who have done a lot more than dabble in it. That being said, my problem with #1 is not the fact that she has a “tattoo that is not a butterfly”, it is the sheer magnitude of trashiness manifest in a human’s brain that would ever, ever think “YES! ENORMOUS WEED TATTOO ON MY SIDE!! THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!!”

    Also, yeah, WOW, gut alert. Although every woman carries differently, a 17-week-old fetus is generally around 5 inches long top to bottom. Meaning you are looking a little chunky, but should not be cradling a bulbous belly and pretending it’s a baby. That’s a gut. Which is all well and good, but why all the shirtless “prego” shots from gut-tacular women? It’s a shame.

    All three of these women are an embarrassment to motherhood and womankind in general.

  2. i don’t understand why everyone things the txt in #2 was sent by the lamebooker’s mom?

    it says “be a good mommy, and don’t get too drunk.”

    it doesn’t say anything at all about who it’s from.

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  4. @jooser

    preggo can be if you believe in all the ‘eat your afterbirth’ garbage

  5. @seledoux: Not necessarily, with my first I’d agree with you, but a woman’s body knows what to do with the second and at 14wks I was ready to flatten the next person who mentioned “not long to go now!” to me lol. I wasn’t huge either; 52kg before both of my babies and I never made it over 70 even at the later stages. And as far as “cradling a bulbous belly and pretending it’s a baby. That’s a gut.” goes, that’s a touch harsh isn’t it? Gut or not, if a woman’s pregnant she’s pregnant. It doesn’t require speech marks.

  6. “a woman’s body” doesn’t always “know what to do”. Many women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever the hell they want & gain 50 pounds. Gaining 50lbs for an 8lb baby is ridiculous. And how much you wanna bet stoner mama up there is fat off of cheetos and jalapeno poppers because man… they’re just so good… and my mouth is dry, let’s go to 711 and grab a slurpee… and a hot dog… or 3…and some doritos, omg i love doritos… and lookit this king size snickers omg it’s cute!!! isn’t that funny? it’s huge!…you know what’s good with snickers? orange juice, i’ma get some orange juice too…

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