Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picture These Problems

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  1. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Cows are much better at lactating and have 4 nipples. I was corn fed and am fine, apart from some minor psychological issues. Although my shrink begs to differ.

    Having said that, I don’t mind if women feed breasts to babies in public, but am worried their babies might choke on the nipples.

  2. youareallfckuingnuts – you’re a fucking cunt. And my little one has made it to a very healthy almost 3 year old. When’s she going to snuff it do you reckon?

  3. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Youareallfuckingnuts is an idiot. I’d bet good money that AMAZING parent takes regular trips to McDonalds, pizza places, etc and probably contributes to child obesity yet heaven forbid something unnatural go into her baby’s body! Oh I LOVE the pompous asses that want to pat themselves on the back for popping a tit out between soaps.

  4. STFU! No one wants to hear your self righteous formula talk. Yeah that person is a jerk for saying what they said but this is a facebook parody website, not a “I feed my baby formula and I’m proud” website. I don’t give a fuck if you breastfeed in public or you feed your kid the “all powerful formula”. Just don’t get pissed if people look at you when you breastfeed in public because it was your decision to do it in the first place. I’m all for it, I don’t mind titties but goodness, am I tired of reading all this holier than thou shit about formula feeding.

  5. It HAS been proven that breastfed babies ARE healthier. That doesn’t mean ALL breastfed babies are healthier, it just means in general. Breastfeeding is the preferred way to feed babies (trust me, just got a shit ton of pamphlets on it), but that is not always realistic or possible. Feed your damn babies the way you want, but don’t knock someone else for their choice. Their child, their business.

  6. No shows, no shirt, and I still get serviced
    boy look at that body
    (LMFAO – sexy and i know it)

  7. Yup, breastfeeding is best. It even says so on every can of formula you will ever buy.

    Also, most lactation consultants ARE rabid bitches. Most of them will pretend to be understanding, but underneath, they are all rabidly anti-formula.

  8. It is obvious that youareallfckingnuts is not a lactation consultant. No legit LC would ever spout the bad information and insane judgments that this asshole is spewing. I am very close with two women who couldn’t breastfeed due to different medical/ health problems, and they felt bad about it, thanks in no small part to judgmental asshats like our marginally retarded, self-righteous guest commenter here, who has to lie about being an LC to give her idiot opinions the weight of legitimacy. Go suck a diseased dick you stupid braying judgmental cunt.

  9. My wife’s a lactation consultant and she’s a cunt too.

  10. I would just like to say my boob is out and a baby is attached whilst I am reading all this. I found this baby at my neighbours house and it’s 10 years old mind you.

  11. Can we just get to the real problem of just what the hell the kid in the first picture is holding? I’d like to know how that is socially acceptable in public

  12. shewhomustnotbenamed

    @Pillowphile, the kid is dressed as a wizard, he’s ‘riding’ a (really awkwardly designed) toy broom.

  13. Really? Nobody is going to comment on how hot the blonde girl is?

  14. ComplicatedAmoeba

    I read “LACTATION ROOM: OCCUPIED” in a really deep, robotic voice. That made it better to me.

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