Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Picture This

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  1. The sign wasn’t specific enough. Which bar are they referring to here?

  2. ifitwerentformyhorse

    What the fuck is Rhiannan trying to say in her last comment? I don’t speak Idiot very well.

  3. @beatusmongous
    She was quite clear. The pub’s called “the three houses” in Wakefield. Shame I didn’t know about this when I was in the city last winter.

  4. Ahhhh…. Wakey!!

  5. Exactly, TD. We need to know the address, the times and days she frequents the place, her favorite sexual position, and her favorite type of condom.

  6. ifitwerentformyhorse

    May wanna avoid swimming in that pool. I heard it’s teeming with crabs.

  7. I casually nip to the garage all the time with my iPad.

  8. Fake.

  9. hootie the blowfish

    Yeah Benny, it’s totally inconceivable that the person saw it in the garage then went and got the ipad and returned to the spot.

  10. Pirates practically live on crabs, this isn’t a fucking warning sign, it’s a come hither advert for wayward sailors! Her favorivorite position and preferences are irrellivent.

  11. Oh fucking christ… * favorite….whatever…Y’all are just gonna have accept my typos tonight…thats’s just the way it is, aight?

  12. And the garage picture could have been taken by someone else and submitted by someone viewing it on their iPad.

  13. Capn, *irrelevant. You’re welcome.

  14. Doesn’t look anything like me…

  15. I hear pictures add ten pounds bradles…or tv…whatever…and thanks B, You can be my spell check for the night, should my computer now fail…obv. my phone did a horrible job!

  16. #1. that shiny belly-dancing pole sure does make her doublewide look real classy.

    #2. if someone was drawing caricatures on the street for cash, and they drew a pic this shitty, I would encourage homeless people to mock them.

    #3. good on you catherine. giving that sanctimonious, whining cunt a proper reason to complain about you, hey?

  17. Rhiannan is the incorrectly-spelled chav version of the lovely Welsh name Rhiannon. No more needs to be said.

  18. Why is it Catherine’s fault that men cheated on their wives/girlfriends with her? They’re the one who ought to have said no.

  19. ^ Because it is easier for the psycho-girlfriend to blame the ‘other woman’ then to find a new boyfriend.

    I hope that pole gets a regular wipe-down. For the child and mother’s sake.

  20. Anyone else notice how much cocaine residue is on that coffee table? That baby lives the life! Why couldn’t I grow up with a stripper mom with stripper friends and a coke problem?

  21. ^ Some of us did. You figure out who.

  22. Oh, and the dude in the 2nd one looks like Guy Smiley.

  23. ^ You did, hack; you did. And I beat your mama regularly.

  24. Dirty fucking whore. I hate filthy sluts.

  25. Brad’s happy his face is on a dude’s ass. hmmmm. As flattering as that sounds, I think I’d have asked for the bicep.

  26. Fail, epic fail, and I’m with the other guys where does this catherine drink I could use a beer

  27. That guy in the second one takes himself way too seriously

  28. I love how “chavs” make chavvy assumptions…….. So many narrow minded assholes in here, massive high 5 to the face for all those who have no idea what they are saying here!

  29. ^ I figured it was an assless girl, too.

  30. ^an assless girl with a real bad case of ‘man hands’?

    I wonder why ‘inkychick’ (with a fucked-up link to Stigma Tattoo Bar) has gotten her vagina so bent out of shape?
    Is that shitty ass-ink your work? You should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

  31. Hey Trolls.. Some friends of mine referred me here to clear up a few things about the first picture.

    This was obviously taken off my page (without my permission) for your amusement and I get it! Out of context (and with terrible sentence structure on my own photo commenting) this post is hilarious!!!!
    Now… it did take me a few days of telling myself you guys are just a bunch of idiots and you don’t know me… but my pride gave in so here are some corrections in regards to the comments.. K…

    I’m glad you guys think I’m all classy and stuff cause I put my brand new pole up in my living room. But fact is I’m a pole fitness instructor and aerial acrobat.. not a stripper. I had just bought this and decided to set it all up to see how it worked in the house. It is for my business when I need to take my equipment with me so I can make my living. But my “Double Wide” isn’t big enough to leave it up. And by double wide I do mean my HOUSE which in all fairness is quite small but for our family its just fine!
    Last I checked none of us had a choice in our names… but my parents did a WONDERFUL job naming me not only after our heritage but I got my great grandmothers name IN my name. AWESOME!
    And now that I have said all that.. I will assume the comment about the coke means you don’t have a glass top table in your living room with a child…Easy mistake to make I’m sure. ANY glass surface including windows and mirrors is fair game for hand prints.. and since I assumed it wouldn’t be for MORONS viewing pleasure I didn’t bother to wipe it down when posting a photo for my friends… sorry.. didn’t know you cared so much so thanks for that!

    Well I’m sure this will be dissected and picked on but I will not humor you any more than what I have! Next time a simple “HA HA” will suffice.. remember.. if your going to comment on “CLASS” you better have some yourself.
    Peace and love Trolls
    ps. Thanks Inkychick.. you are a good friend! See you at work later xoxoxox

  32. “Rhi” from Stigma Tattoos? At 17 S. Orange Ave, in Orlando, FL? Amazing what you can find with one clink of a fucked up link (thanks inkychick!), and one click to the employee page where the work name of the pole instructor, “Rhi,” is strangely close to your Lamebook name.

    Just sayin’ – and don’t get all butthurt – “pole instructor” is not really much higher on the food chain than stripper. Just sayin’ though…

    I guess the lesson here is: Be careful what pictures you put up of your kids, sweetheart, cuz this here’s the internets, and there’s crazies out there!

  33. And here I thought Inkychick was talking about the ass tattoo, and not the pole-dancing baby. Boy was I way off.

    Rhi is kind of attractive if you ask me, but she needs some more pictures on the employee site. There are some decent freaky girls there, and that’s good. However, that website is all kinds of messed up. It’s really slow and cumbersome. Looks like a fun hangout, though.

  34. I live near Wakefield. That is all.

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