Monday, November 28, 2011

Picturing the Problem

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  1. #1 is the most attractive bird there.

  2. Pic 2 she combed it out too.. Ew dont know whether to laugh at her or punch her in the arm to help her kill it..

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    No, I am your FIRST!

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    Nevermind……nothing worse than having confidence about nothing.

  5. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

    3 ugly birds. Two of whom are lesbians.

    Oh god, I think I just did it again. brrraAACCCCKKKK

  6. I’d do #2. I love a cavewoman. I’ll bet she has a nice furry bush too.

  7. as an Historian, i wish more women would go natural like #2 and let it all hang out. she’d be awesome tending to my wounds during a recreation of Gettysburg. put a frock on her and i’d frock her silly!

  8. Sexing a bird with hairy pits is about 2 steps from becoming a gay.

  9. I’d do 1,3,2 in that order

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’m strangely drawn to the fat one.

  11. That’s her gravity pulling you in

  12. Top sex films in http://td。gd/dA

  13. #11 for the win.

  14. Nice one, drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff !! Also, the hairy armpit girl is pretty cute…I wouldn’t let that put me off

  15. People cop shit for photoshopping their pictures to make them look more attractive to the hive-mind.

    But it’s actually a valuable public service.

  16. I hate vegans…

  17. I bet #2’s got a right growler! Wouldn’t like to be motting her out.

  18. NOPE

  19. #2 looks fine to me. Anyone who is offended by underarm hair is frightened of sex.

  20. This may come as a shock, but as someone who has had sex, and enjoyed sex, and hopes to someday to be able to enjoy sex again, girls with armpit hair are fucking gross.

    However, anyone who isn’t grossed out by a girl with underarm hair wants to bang dudes. See how this works?

  21. As far as photo 3, I seriously pity that fence!

  22. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff


    Credit for the joke goes to NagaRam11. I wasn’t joking; I really do like fat girls. There’s a lot to be said for a woman who you can feel-up all night and never touch the same place twice.

  23. Doctor Longname; I also prefer large women. The thing that puts me off in the last picture is the drink cup and what appears to be a duckface (hard to tell with the light).

    Not to mention she also looks kind of trashy.

  24. Yes, how DARE that woman grow natural underarm hair that every human being on this planet possesses. How DARE she break a social norm AND a gender expectation at the same time!

  25. crane, I don’t think that’s a duckface…I think that’s just _her_ face. But yeah, the plastic cup is distracting.

  26. Well said lb. Underarm hair’s completely natural and I don’t see why anyone’s fazed by it.

  27. ^I’m fazed by it because it’s nasty, damp and stinky.
    Sure it’s ‘natural’, but the modern human diet is anything but, and as out diet affects our bodily secretions, the fucking unwashed goaty reek that comes from a pair of heavily forested pits is thoroughly fucking indecent.

  28. @29. I totally agree completely, i only wish men would have the same consideration, their underarm hair is nasty too.

    Most of the comedy in the picture comes from the ‘i’m sexy and i know it’ caption, no one thinks underarm hair is sexy. well, maybe goats.

  29. Women grow underarm hair, how is a man being attracted to a woman with underarm hair in any way gay? Why isn’t it that men attracted to women with no underarm or pubic hair aren’t pedophiles?

  30. Really, this hair thing turned into a debate?
    A) Yes, it is natural
    B) no, it is not the 60s
    C) shaving is more hygienic

    For the record, men not shaving is also a huge turn-off. It’s not just the ladies who need to keep themselves trimmed. So you hippies can stick with each other.

  31. I love you guys who like fat girls. <3 YAY!

    So shaving is kind of a necessity. Here is a cautionary tale.

    My mom once decided to quit shaving her pits. I'm not talking about in the 80's or anything, but a few years ago. So she gets to the pier one day and starts wondering WHO THE HELL didn't wear deodorant! It was so bad and she couldn't figure it out, until for some reason she raised her arm and was accosted by her own BO. Now, she had showered and used deodorant that morning, but the hair leads to sweating, and no matter WHAT deodorant you use, you WILL stink. So if you like smelling like BO, good for you. Have millions of pounds of hair under your arms.

    Or: TL;DR

  32. Seriously, having hairy pits is not weird. And it doesn’t make you smell any worse. Do guys smell bad all the time? no. AND they don’t shave their armpits.

    I used to not, but my boyfriend is one of those people who thinks it’s weird, so now I do. :[ but I HATE DOING IT.

    As for the third one, where’s the joke? is the joke that she is a heavyset girl who (gasp!) has dared to be photographed? REAL HILARIOUS LAMEBOOK HAR HAR HAR

  33. #34- I am guessing you are fat.
    Anyone I have ever met who has called fat people ‘heavyset’ are fat people.

  34. #34 – Has never used public transport.

  35. boy i am pretty sure #2 & #3 are virgins.

  36. #11 and #24 for the fucking win.
    I lol’d so hard.

  37. AtheistExtraordinaire

    #1 – I am seriously disturbed by this photo and I am seriously disturbed by the lack of notice that you people gave it… the fact that there is a photo of a dead animal with a ribbon tied tightly around it’s neck didn’t raise any questions at ALL with you jacktards? Do you not realize how cruel and horrible someone would have had to be to do that to that bird? Here’s to hoping they found it dead and THEN attached the balloon in a sick photo op. THAT I could tolerate… but if someone strangled the pigeon with the ribbon… I’d love to know where that person lived so that I could show up at their house all Dexter style.
    #3 – armpits grow hair. Deodorant and shaving armpits can lead to cancer of the breasts and lymphnodes. (I shave AND wear deodorant, but let’s not try to pretend like it isn’t totally UNNATURAL to do so, on a biological level) Social “norms” have dictated that we should do MULTIPLE things that are quite unhealthy and unnatural to please the masses, which offends me… but yet I find myself doing them also.
    #3 – Girl #3 is fat. I am fat. She is beautiful. I feel that I am beautiful as well. If you are not attracted to her, don’t fuck her. But for the love of fuck she is doing nothing wrong by being photographed by probably her FRIENDS or LOVED ONES who don’t see her as “fat” but another human being whom they love. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but I, TOO have people who love me. OMG I even scored a HUSBAND! I know, I know. Fat people should be locked in dungeons… but alas… we are not. Also – she’s not THAT BIG. She has smooth thighs and can pull of shorty shorts so FUCK Y’ALL! I’ve met many a skinny bitch with cottage cheese ass sooooo….

  38. #39-You have 2 many 3’s (Get it?)
    Also, I’m sorry that your fat. Try the McDonald’s salad next time. I’ve heard that they’re not terrible.

  39. AtheistExtraordinaire

    #40 – So I do! Thanks for pointin’ it out. I tried to proofread it but evidently I am also illiterate. And no. I don’t want McDonald’s Salad. I don’t want McDonald’s anything. But thank you for the concern. 🙂 No need to be sorry that I’m fat. I’m cool with it, and it doesn’t concern you. *airhug*

  40. @AtheistExtraordinaire – You are amazing and I love you!

  41. Shaving and deodorant don’t cause cancer, or every armpit hygiene conscious woman would have cancer… And that fat chick looks like a cheap hooker.

  42. #26 LB – “..natural underarm hair that every human being on this planet possesses.”

    I’m 24, male, and I’ve never grown an armpit hair in my life. I lost all my hair when I was 10 because I made blatantly false sweeping generalizations on the internet. Either that or I have alopecia. So either I’m not a human being, or you’re simply wrong. Hmmm, which could it possibly be?

  43. Being a woman of mixed ethnicity I don’t grow much body hair, but even so I refuse to shave ANY of it. Society has ruled that it is dirty for a woman to grow hair while science tells us that body hair is used to trap pheromones which help in attracting potential high grade mates…when this hair is shaved off the pheromones become weaker (as there is no buildup). Frankly humanity needs as much help as it can get when selecting genetically viable mates, we’ve all seen Jerry Springer. Also until men are told they are disgusting for growing hair naturally it only seems fair that woman are not stigmatized for not wanting to look like giant naked babies…

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