Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Please Don’t

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  1. I’m 100% certain both of these “women” are under the age of 20, and on welfare.

  2. But it’s so difficult to guess the ages of ignorant people…

  3. But I know what colour they is.

  4. I am going to guess that they are both Swedish, what were you thinking MsAnneThrope?

  5. ^Don’t address me directly. and do NOT, under any circumstances, make eye contact with me…oh, fuck this…Security?! Get this asshole out of here.

  6. Wow. Poor kids. All of them. Do these moms not realize that their kids will be the target of countless bullies?

  7. My confectioner makes ‘chuncky babies’ … they’re chocolate covered candies filled with no future.

  8. ^ I hope they have a Mississippian version covered in white chocolate.

  9. la-tisha please make sure all of your offspring wear hoodies and wander around in the middle of the night. sabrina, it’s ok to love your chunky babies just don’t LOVE your chunky babies. @5 could someone please tell ‘he that shall not be named’ that we apologize on behalf of steeeever and will punish him accordingly. sorry to type all these little letters at you but my carrier pigeons were like “fuck you we aint flyin’ in this weather”. so I ate them.

  10. If your child is fat, whom is ACTIVELY GROWING, you are an idiot.

  11. Unless the children crap gold or piss the cure for cancer, nobody should have that many damn kids.

  12. Who gives a shit how many kids they have @11 . In some cases, there’s probably a few concerned hiphop artists who wish you weren’t born.

  13. I give the comments in this thread two hooves up.

  14. Is that pronounced Ladashtisha?

  15. Ey Hawk, well said! I can’t stand fat people. Glandular? Like…fuck.

  16. Well said…except for the “whom”…

    Return one of those consonants, Hawk. You overzealous bastard.

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