Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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  1. The first one is cute, I’d totally do that with one of my kids.

  2. Not hard to find Teabag on FB.
    Teabag doesn’t have that many friends, but he sure is putting his back into it.

  3. And Teabag apparently has a friend or relative named Cinnamon Wang. This has gotta be a joke.

  4. Mmm… Californian Cheeseburger!

  5. Sorry, *California Cheeseburger… weird though, I googled and the image in the post came up… is this cheeseburger fresh??

  6. The guy in the first pic is obviously an atheist. Damn God-hating, baby eaters.

  7. Don’t see how it’s cute… It’s a tiny baby, quite obviously crying…

  8. C’mon now samwise, atheists don’t hate God. They just realise he is a fictional character devised and perpetuated by corrupt institutions to scare the masses into giving them their money and effort. 😉

  9. …and they eat babies.

  10. @rlyeh, I assume you don’t have kids. Tiny babies cry, often for no reason. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of a photo op when it presents itself, lol.

  11. @ hellababe. I have five children and have never had them cry for no reason. You might want to pay attention a little better to yours.

  12. @guyin. I have the word guy in my name too.
    @hellababe. I have six children and they have never cried.

  13. Teabag is a name?

  14. Also Teabag Wang related to Cinammon Wang and friends with Venessa Van Winkle..

  15. @hellababe, my little boy never cries either. Maybe you should get your little ones checked out, Because I don’t think it’s normal for babies to cry randomly..

  16. Shit, I guess my kids are broken.

  17. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Scarlett failed at being melodramatic.

  18. Wang is a very common Chinese family name, however I have never heard “Teabag” haha. Quite possibly a joke, although I won’t rule out the possibility that it isn’t.

  19. The picture looks sad with the baby crying…would have been a lot better if it was happy

  20. I would of punched my husband in the face for doing that to my baby, after I took the baby from him of course. That is a serious cry that tiny baby is letting out, probably from that damn cold lettuce on it. Little babies that young like to be bundled and held close in warmth. Do I need to remind you were that baby just came from? That guy is without a doubt a moron, I hope that is his moron friend taking that picture and then the wife came home and saw it and proceeded to beat the shit out of him (the husband of course, and friend too). I will go ahead and make that a fact in my mind, there already feel better. Asshats

  21. notsofast, your spelling certainly belongs in lamebook. The rest I could do without.

  22. and grammar

  23. and baby-eating tendencies

  24. Broken kids FTW
    Sandy vaginas, all of you

  25. @hellababe I do as it happens, and I always tried to calm and cuddle a crying baby, rather than stuff it in a sandwich… but then I guess some people just don’t care

  26. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I always stuff crying babies in a sandwich. I mean for fuck’s sake, what else are you supposed to do with them?

  27. That’s nasty-the baby doesn’t look happy, and the guy doing it looks like a fucking rapist

  28. MMMM the other white meat.

  29. @agenda – Sorry I was having a moment of rage and I did f that one up, my b. But that guy is still an asshat and so are you.

  30. That’s fucking nasty horrible shit to do to a tiny baby..all for a miserable fucking photo
    I’m right with you notsofast

  31. @Hellababe <3
    Thanks for that comment 16 that made me laugh out loud.

    Also to all who felt obliged giving Hellababe parental advice, because the lamebook comment section is obviously so the right place to discuss this:
    if your kids are broken you might want to shake them sometimes it fixes the broken ones.

  32. AHH!
    I know that first picture!
    I’m not sure if it’s actually him, but it’s BillMc7’s background picture on Twitter.

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