Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pop Problems

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  1. Becca is a liar. She’s still reading the book at night, and she’s just trying to keep her daughter from finding out.

  2. Fake. 50 shades of gray is published by Skynet to make humans more stupid.

  3. i heard t1000 is the guy that shit on all the coats

  4. I did laugh at Becca

  5. Okay. Well done.

  6. I fucked Becca.

  7. No 9, you fucked Giorgi. And he wants more. But less teeth this time when you’re making out with him; he said that was kind of a turn-off. That and don’t try to make out with him after giving him a half-hour rimmie. Not cool. Save that shit-breath for T1000 because it’s been made completely obvious these past couple months that he would rather fuck a pillow or MsAnne than shut the fuck up for 10 minutes.

  8. ^ every time you speak to or about it, you are validating its worthless existence here and giving it a reason to continue.

  9. And what the hell is Giorgi on about? What on earth about Breaking Bad is a turn on? Or is it just that the porn is excruciatingly bad?

  10. This reminds me of my son, who once thought shooting a free-throw was called shooting a “three-throw!” Or my daughter, who thought that the Barbie and Ken dolls scissored! I had to explain to her that Barbie bends down and ken fucks he brains out from behind in a doggy style fashion. Ha. She never played with then again…

  11. hootie the blowfish

    HAnk, don’t worry, I’m sure your daughter knows all about getting her brains fucked out from behind. I saw her outside the 7-11 two blocks from my house as the cashiers took turns on her since she didn’t have enough cash for that pack of bubble gum she wanted.

  12. hootie the blowfish

    And believe me, based on the things I saw her doing and letting be done to her, she REALLY wanted that bubble gum. That or she really, really loves cock. Either way, your little Barbie lesson wasn’t necessary.

  13. Sounds like bubblegum wasn’t that only thing that was warm and sticky in her mouth that day then hootie.

  14. ^ She stopped playing with the Barbie dolls because she was busy with her own adventures.

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  16. $4,355 per month really isn’t a lot if you live in a big city.

  17. Nope, especially after taxes. But I guess for a second income…. Wait! I don’t think this is real, beatus!
    Good thing I got the nice Nigerians on speed dial!

  18. Ohh Char…

  19. ^best thing you never said, asshole.

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