Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Posting Your Point

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  1. dammit, i was gonna call my next kid Megatron.

  2. yeah, that’s already been done before

  3. Woohoo, I too can make reference to a fad that was popular when we were children, and automatically have made the best joke ever! Here’s a joke about Transformers! It’s really witty and clever despite the series being incredibly famous and well known! Perhaps next I shall make reference to Pokémon, and you will all think me wonderfully nerdy, despite it being a very very popular series!

    Translation: You are not the ‘best’ ANYTHING for making a shitty reference to a series most people know about. You backwards hipster fuck.

  4. Wow, Hobo – that’s a lot of hostility over a one line comment. The guy/gal wasn’t making a claim for any type of status. What gives?

  5. It’s more of a long-term thing, with everybody ever on Facebook making reference to shit like Pokémon and Transformers as if just referencing that shit is awesome in and of itself, ‘cos they’re ‘nerdy’ and ‘nostalgic’ despite being really popular and still around today.

    It was more the ‘Thus becoming the greatest parents of all time’, like it’s some incredible joke instead of a shit one about eighty hundred people have made already.

    Also this place is my outlet for my hatred for the human race.

  6. bugjones, every time someone posts a status on FB, they are making a claim for some type of status. They want to look cool or funny or clever or sensitive. Frequently, they end up looking lame, but they put things in their status because they want to make a statement about the kind of person they are.

    But to be fair, Hobo, I’m not sure the joke would have been much funnier if he were talking about something obscure, but I suppose if it were something obscure, then other people who knew about that thing would not have been overloaded with jokes about it, so maybe they’d be delighted to see someone mention it. I dunno.

  7. Someone is menstruating.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    Now, now – there’s no need to argue you guys; this is all moot after all. I doubt Sean will find a woman willing to date him, let alone procreate with him.

  9. Stellaaa, is that like a sixth sense you’ve got?

  10. pepelongstocking

    Hobo, you have brought the first laugh in an otherwise dreary day. Thanks!!

  11. Sean’s status makes me think of some shitty MLIA post where people try to be humbly cool with their stories about characters from children’s shows, but they’re really just stupid.

  12. Hobo, I think I got ya. 🙂 I can totally understand – didn’t mean to step on toes & all.
    Lametothemin – good point, too.

  13. A sixth sense isn’t necessary in this case.

  14. So Hobo, where have you been letting out all your frustration and hatred for the human race lately?

  15. Brenton you are a little early but don’t worry we can start the meeting again in five minutes after we’ve had a little rest.

  16. You guys are all right. American Idol does suck.

  17. BritishHobo, that’s pretty much Dane Cook’s career.

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