Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Potter Problems

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  1. FIIIIRST! i claim this ground for the United Nations of i-am-awesome. And also…meh. second one was comme ci comme ca

  2. The artwork was awesome… and not knocking the first guy but it looks like an update of a work life that probably made that post a tad more funny if we had the backstory…. good stuff nevertheless

  3. Rule #32 in the Internet Rules state that he who declares FIIIRST comment is allowed to set the tonality and opinion of all reviewers to follow. However, in doing so, the original commenter and declarer of firsties (herein referred to as “Knobgobbler”) acknowledges to the world that he or she has a phallus that cannot exceed 3″ in overall length, from base of the shaft to tip. There must also be usage of fifth-grade-french to ensure that there are no questions or debates regarding Knobgobbler’s intellect and maturity. No land can be conquered by shouting ‘first’ unless said land is on a terrestrial planet and is accommodated with the raising of a flag.
    At some point in time (not to exceed 2 business days) an Internets Ombudsman must announce entrance to the discussion and declare faggotry on Knobgobbler’s shenanigans. This ombudsman (herein referred to as “Cadillac of Men”) is the only individual who can overrule Knobgobbler’s opinion and steer the debate into more appropriate waters, or add a much-needed Racist edge to the submission to make it more edgy and appropriate for mockery.

  4. ^ LOL!! knobgobbler…

  5. @ AnonisGay- land of FIIIRST claimed dude. Don’t get your panties in a twist. Move on.


  7. Nice

  8. @ AnonisGay – that was one of the funniest things i’ve read on lamebook. congrats

  9. vaginalroundhouse

    I think people would like to touch the hair because it looks beautiful! I’d love to touch and feel the texture of such beautiful hair. I do not think it has to do with ownership or any of that bull, it is simply very attractive. Women out there, please wear your hair natural.

  10. why do i not understand the last one?

  11. @ccugirl18: That’s John Lennon.

  12. Mark David Chapman: *Like*
    Daniel Radcliff: *Dislike*
    Holden Caulfield: “Pfft”
    JD Salinger: ~No Carrier~

  13. Women out there, please wear your hair natural.

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