Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Type Treatment

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  1. Firstness.. not much else to comment about.. Pretty lame and not very funny.

  2. Abby’s obviously trolling.

  3. jeez she was only trying to help…

  4. Not sure if she’s trolling or serious, but either way, she makes herself sound like a troll. Like, the ugly, lives under a bridge, steals your money kind. Yeah she’s got money…from the welfare check she’s probably getting. Which is probably why she assumes all of the rest of them are poor!

  5. To be fair, she seemed to be helpful originally. Jed doesn’t deserve further help, since he can’t stop being an ass. I’ve seen Haley’s type – won’t say a word until someone else does, so she feels safe to attack in numbers rather than by alone. Not to defend Abby, but I wouldn’t want to associate with the other two either. They’re a bit cuntagious.

  6. Very true. Although she wasn’t being helpful by recommending bank of america. Worst bank ever. I actually just got a notice in the mail saying that they’re in court and I’ll receive a settlement check from them for doing their banking underhandedly. I think anyone that banked with them between 2003 and May of this year is elligible. Credit unions FTW!

  7. Dawn of the Dan

    Everyone else was trying to help ABBY, by letting her know typing in caps on the internet is wrong. She didn’t want to take the advice, so she got rightfully blasted.

    Also, Chase is where it’s at when it comes to banks.
    Bank of America is terrible.

  8. Jessi and Haley seem like the most obnoxious redditors I’ve ever seen.

  9. Jessi and Haley probably think 4chan is a super cool secret club. Jessi don’t deserve any help for that matter.

  10. vaginalroundhouse

    I think people would like to touch the hair because it looks beautiful! I’d love to touch and feel the texture of such beautiful hair. I do not think it has to do with ownership or any of that bull, it is simply very attractive. Women out there, please wear your hair natural.

  11. Someone needs to tell him about Rules #1 & 2.

  12. @Jellyman Rules 1 and 2 only apply during a raid…summerfag

  13. I was just about to say the same Jellyman.

    Fuck you Grippy, 0/10.

  14. If you are some moron THAT WIKES TO TAWK WIK DIS on the internets you deserve all that you get and more.

  15. Haley, you forgot to correct her “I’ll”. If you’re going to go Grammar Nazi, you have to correct ALL the mistakes, including contractions If you’re really anal about it, you could go a step further and say “I will*”.

  16. Dontbefuckingstupid.

    I hope everyone’s aware this is fake, done through simple photo editing or a generator website. Nobody pixelates the profile photos for real facebook fails. That should be your first clue. Jessi and Haley sound like self-righteous redditors or /b/tards because they were made up by one. It’s apparent all the way down to the not-so-subtle racism against black people who type in all caps and speak in ebonics.

    tl;dr ya’ll gettin’ trolled.

  17. @dontbefuckingstupid: I could believe it, but I don’t think the profile pictures being pix elated is a valid point. Almost every picture is pix elated. Besides that all your other points are valid, however, I have seen this on my own wall. Jed is a dick if he is real. Fake or not it’s his thread, his friends. She was trying to help, and they were being assholes. It’s not nice to pick on the less intellectual. She started name calling because it’s only defense she knows. I found this sad, and lame. Definitely not funny.


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