Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sittin’ on the Dick of the Bay

Sittin' on the Dick of the Bay

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  1. Still, no?
    Maybe she really did mean dick.

  2. wait…what?

  3. I think dick was supposed to be ‘deck’

    Kim FAIL x 2

  4. Or “dock.” But not lake…

  5. I think based on her “correction” she meant to say “Sitting on the dick staring at the lake drinking margaritas. This sooo beats working the lake”.

    I guess the guy with margaritas is a better John than the lake was.

  6. Maybe she’s having sex on the dock.

  7. That’s a pretty cool lake – it’s drinking margaritas n’ all…

  8. hahahhahahaaaaaaaaaa. She meant, sitting on the lake staring at the lake. duh.

  9. It might be worse if she meanted “sitting on the lake” because that would no longer be a typo but a freudian slip.

  10. Casper: I agree, if a lake could drink margaritas, I want to meet this lake.

  11. someone’s got dick on the brain.

  12. you are all wrong. she was meant to write ‘dock’.

  13. Ahaha #3 and #9!

  14. she obviously meant to write, “sitting on the lake staring at the dick”

  15. Hahaha “giddyup”

  16. AHAHAHAHAH. This person fails so much.

  17. calibeachballsurfdude98

    bitch can sit on my dick

  18. Haha, way to go Tom. Giddyup!

  19. Hahaha I can’t stop laughing at this.

  20. How is she sitting on a lake?
    Is she Jesus?

  21. Maybe too many margaritas?

  22. i think she ment sitting on the lake staring at the dick

  23. i think she ment “sitting on the lake staring at the dick”

  24. OMG this is funny in sooooo many ways!! First Brian is like “What are you doing??!!” She comes back with an enthusiastic “Call Me!!” Then Tom made me nearly spit water all over myself until Kim made her ‘correction’…then I choked. Not to mention the margarita drinking lake. This is pure GOLD!

  25. OMG that was supposed to be …’dock’…maybe XDDD

  26. Or ‘deck’. Perhaps.

  27. LOL this is awesome. I LOL’ed IRL.

  28. “Dock”, not “Deck”. Look where the “i” is on your keyboard and what’s next to it.

  29. guerilla gardener

    hahaha i love this, i love tom’s reaction, FTW!!

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