Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bustin’ Burt

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  1. wiggety wack – FIRST!


  3. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah seriously, I don’t think they can arrest people for “biteing” since there is not a known law against it.

  4. Fairly certain biting would count as assault. Unless you’re being a pedant and picking on grammar 😉

    But seriously, this Burt sounds like an epic douche. I hope he gets done.

  5. Just call me Sherlock Holmes!

    Search for ‘Belmore Maitland’ and find the full post on Burt Towers FB page from the 26-29th April. Can’t URL link because Lamebook is lame

  6. Haha, I just did that Duke! That Burt really IS a douche. Posted on the 11th April how he was in court “again”. Can’t keep his nose clean.

  7. And he’s Welsh- baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. He’s not welsh, he is from New South Wales

  9. madeanaccountjusttopostthis

    Maitland is in New South Wales, which is Australia.

  10. Duke-Holmes nice find, other than the Welsh call, but if you get in quick you can totally play that off as a joke. Just another giant douche with a hot girlfriend, how does that work, with page like gems such as “spraying your girlfriends box with wd-40 to loosen her up”?

  11. Obviously – the rest of you didn’t do as much digging as me – I’ve researched his family tree and he fathers grand-pappy was from Wales and got caught having sex with a woman (instead of a farm-yard animal) and was sent to Oz to serve his time.

    *well and truly dug myself out of that fuckup*

  12. @poopaloop – and another ‘like’ to the group, ‘i like sucking my own hairy cock’ *sigh*

    oh and his G/F isn’t too bad really, though I would imagine that the photos do her more favours than reality would.

  13. The jig is up! Some Rachael girl outed us.

  14. Apparently, this douchebag’s nickname is BJ. How fitting.

  15. Alex that’s the reason why we can’t have nice things. Sure is summer up in this beetch.

  16. Rachael ‘Bubs’ Exton – has linked back to here from Burt’s original on FB. Thing is – Rachael is from Kent (I double checked I was right this time) and isn’t even a friend of Burt’s – so this means she must have come from here originally.

    If you are reading this Rachael, you fat emo slag – fuck off – thanks for ruining it for us.

  17. *continually amazed*

  18. hey yodawg, are you naps?

  19. I drove through Maitland once about ten years ago. It was a shithole.

    And Burt sounds like another reminder of why I no longer go out with Australian men.

  20. I’m Australian and if any of you fuckers say anything else about Australian men I’ll bite all your faces then stomp you into the dirt.

    Actually, I’m not Australian, but my mother’s Welsh, and I believe under Duke’s rules that still qualifies.


  21. Australians (not the natives) came from Europe – so you could be Australian and Welsh, but not Welsh and Australian.

    And your mother is welsh *insert something about your dad fucking a sheep*

  22. I going to stick my finder right up itz butthole, here. Ooch, he’s a mad one

  23. We all came from Adam and Eve, right? So what’s the big deal?

    Insert something about my dick and your mouth…

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