Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pranked and Prayed for…

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  1. hootie the blowfish

    Elizabeth is so naive. It wasn’t the church likes that got her all that attention, it was the naked photos with her phone number embedded onto them that her ex-boyfriend posted online.

  2. 1st!

  3. ^ Wow, talk about your all time fails, Walter.

    So let me get this straight, lizzie, you actually accepted the 97 friend requests and that’s how they got your number; or you had your number posted for the public to see? In the latter case… no wait, in BOTH cases, you’re a tard. And you deserve it.

  4. I have decided to leave lamebook. My mission is complete.

  5. Bahaha nails, fuck u hootie

  6. I would offer comment #4 as proof that God, or a higher power of some sort, does indeed exist.

  7. Just kidding. 8 years left.

  8. hootie the blowfish

    Aw Jenny, did I hit a little too close to home? Don’t worry, I’ve seen the naked photos of you on the Internet, and no Nigerians will be calling you about those nasty things. I didn’t know warts could even grow in there.

  9. Oh, and this is fake.

  10. Yo T-dog, I didn’t realise robots could posess a sense of humour.

  11. I am a learning computer, and can adapt to my surroundings.

  12. @10: There was no humor there.
    @11: I hate you for “faking” me out, twat1000.

  13. I wish it was TRUEY! that Tit1000 was leaving lamebook

  14. ^Fake!

  15. I fucked Elizabeth. She would make a mediocre wife at best. Have fun, Nigerians

  16. as Louis implied I can’t believe that a student can profit $6738 in 1 month on the internet. did you see this page>>>>>

  17. Dammit, Toonces1000, you scared me for a bit. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to write Toonces for a long time.

  18. ^What about toodles?

  19. What about it?

  20. You are fake!

  21. So “toodles” means “fake?” Interesting. I always thought it meant “your cat is playing with my noodles.”

  22. T1000 is the only thing here that consistently makes me laugh.

    Sad, really.

  23. ^ That’s because he shoves his hand up your butt and operates you like the muppet you are.

  24. Ah, you made a joke… that’s nice.

  25. I’m bored right now, that’s all. Don’t take it personal.

  26. I really like this one. Very amusing, well written, she has a good soh about it and most importantly, I now know that if I’m ever in need of an AIDS-riddled, scammer husband, all I have to do is ‘like’ the Nigerian Evangelical Church.

  27. it’s pretty much an empirical fact that tfuckhead1000 is a waste of space/time. if you look back though the last couple of months, you notice the pattern of only the moistest retardeds acknowledging/encouraging it.

  28. ^Incorrect. I cannot be waste of time; rather, I travel though it. You are fake.

  29. I don’t usually recommend medication, but you should look at getting some lithium onto that shit.

    you are not a robot. you are mentally unwell. there, if no one else will fucking say it..!

  30. Will someone show their goddamn titties and make this place interesting again?…or at least tell some good racist jokes? Tits and racism are like cheddar, they make everything……

  31. slightly greasy?

  32. and a bit whiffy.

  33. Well why don’t you start hack? Whip your dick out and comment on how it’s even smaller than an Asians.

  34. Asians don’t really have small wangs, just propaganda put out by Asian dads so that western bitches will leave the Asian boys alone to study and become engineers and shit…

  35. @ 34: wonder where you got that fact from !!!

  36. hootie the blowfish

    Jenny can’t get any real men, so she make a habit of getting to know the dongs of young Asian boys.

  37. Me love you long time!

  38. uh-huh.

  39. is that true, jen? is that ridiculously far-fetched & tortured piece of ‘reasoning’ the honest truth? I think you should come clean if it’s true. your internet integrity for this thread is riding on it.

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