Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pregnancy Prosecution


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  1. errrr don’t mind me, wrong page… continue with the bagging of stupid moles

  2. seriously! dustyjjc and i know her! she honestly posts EVERYTHING and ANYTHING personal on facebook. “not pregnant, so stfu. all the tests were negative, and i got my period today. -groan- crammmmppsss” was a recent one. and then when her friend said she was happy she wasn’t prego, she answered with a “no, i wish i was”.
    what the fuck is wrong with people these days.

  3. Something is very wrong with this child. Got anymore funny status updates from her?

  4. Actually, in some areas (i know my state is one of them) it’s illegal for anyone under 16 to have sex.

    i’m just not sure how one enforces that law…

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