Monday, December 6, 2010

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  1. I don’t get it?

  2. oh mkay i hope you’re trolling

  3. Jewish people don’t eat pork, so the ham is kind of a no-no. This pic’s been floating around every parody website I’ve seen so far.

    The second one is kind of a stretch. “The Man-Eater of Punanai”….punani is another term for a vagina.

    Kind of stupid,Lamebook.

  4. no.. just sleep deprived 🙁

    thanks summerdaez.

  5. Kosher Jews don’t eat pork, but there are actually a lot of jewish people these days who do eat pork, among other things that were once “no-no”s.

  6. I’m the man-eater of Punanai 🙂

  7. To be fair, it does say “DELICIOUS for Chanukkah,” not “KOSHER for Chanukkah.”

  8. I can’t decide whether or not i’d chuck a spunk grenade onto the birds’ chesticles in photo two.

    ah go on then, i would.

  9. @8- really.. people talk like that?

  10. punanai is a village in sri lanka made famous by a man-eating leopard. i suppose there might be a joke somewhere in there, but just submitting a picture of the book is a pretty uninspired effort. must try harder, lamebook…

  11. @disfunctionall
    I doubt a Jew can ever be called kosher. It’s the food that’s supposed to be kosher, not the Jews themselfs.

  12. *themselves

    Allow me to correct myself: traditional* Jews who adhere to the strict dietary rules do not eat pork.

  13. You are allowed 🙂
    and thank you for correcting me.

  14. Dear Jews, I think you are burning up the the wrong oven.
    Love, Wal-mart.

    #2 The letters N-E kept running together and I kept seeing
    “The Manheater of Punanai” at first. Damn glasses fail.

  15. Yeah, Punanai is nice to visit. But I prefer Phucket.

  16. HAHAHAHA!!!

  17. Yawn!

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