Friday, April 13, 2012

Pretty Woman

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  1. Is this real? Or fake? Ill go with fake.

  2. No wonder that guy has to pick up chicks in a 7-11

  3. I would have jumped her.

  4. This didn’t happen

  5. I’ll choose “fakeyouandthehorseyourodeinon” for $200 Alex.
    Who cares if it didn’t happen? Is it funny? Ok no. But still.
    Maybe this will evolve into a joke sometime down the road. Then you can say you thought it was unfunny before it was a joke.

  6. Well that girl was a beeyotch. Since when does hello equate to hitting on someone? Good for this dude if its real, that chick got what she deserved.

  7. ^ with you on this one. it’s quite annoying when a woman assumes you’re hitting on them because you’ve elected to speak to them

  8. If this was real I would guess it was some kind of weird way to try and hook up with him. She turns to him in the supermarket then immediately assumes he’s hitting on her. Then, in the parking lot she picks HIM of all people to help her with her car. I bet if he had helped her he would have gotten some ass.

  9. ^ Here’s one of those that reckons you’re hitting on her if you speak to her.

  10. This must be stolen form somewhere…it is too pat.

  11. dude’s a fucking idiot. jumpstart = blowjob.

  12. ^^^^ No doubt the words of experience… and I’m sure that dude appreciated your lips around his cock.

  13. because everyone should have to have sex with you

  14. Well, i know the dude whose cock I had my lips around last night appreciated the fuck out of it. now i’m going to go kick him in the ribs and make him cook me some bacon.

    my life > everyone else’s.

  15. He forgot to mention the part where he had his cock out in one hand and his wallet in the other.

  16. cheesecakemousetrap

    Fake. It takes 2 seconds to ring up a “Big Gulp” & some cigarettes…and about 5 minutes for some broad to realize her car battery is out. And he was right behind her in line? The first part (striking out) is believable, though.

  17. Haha that was a slick way to sneak a “women are dumb” jab in.

  18. nothing better than a blowjob while drinking my Chutney Squishee

  19. Well, I’m going to spend the day standing in a parking lot with my jumper cables. Thanks MsAnne.

  20. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    So you’re standing in a parking lot, in need of help. Someone approaches you. Is your first instinct to ask them for the help you’ve been hoping for, or to tell them your marital status? “Fake and gay”, as the young people on youtube say these days.

  21. Dr. Chalk, try reading it again.

  22. One jus cus a man says hello does not equate im interested 2 i wouldnt have been that stupied to ask the same guy for a jump..lame on her end… an a jump is not a blow job. Its f*** me really hard if u can lol

  23. Well, those new accounts weren’t mine, but I wish they hadn’t posted anyway as it makes me look desperate. I think you are just looking for similarities between them. I especially don’t think you could think that I was Nails as it doesn’t look at all similar. Anyway, if I went through that much trouble, don’t you think I would take the effort to make them look different?
    But I don’t blame you for thinking that they were my accounts, as I would have as well in your situation.
    Anyway, I don’t really care much about this argument, it’s just a nice thing to come back and fuel from time to time. Do you really think I was serious about cumming on my aunt and thinking you guys were in love with me? It’s called half-trolling.

  24. Ooops, meant to post that on the breast feeding argument thread. Sorry boys and girls.

  25. Since when has FB status’ become an amateur stand-up comedy show….

  26. What an udder failure! Omgzz your tits are leaking!

  27. jeezuz cow. how are we supposed to maintain the rage when you just act like a fucking clown?
    are you taking this shit seriously or not? fuck, sometimes i wonder….

  28. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I read it wrong, but I don’t care. It’s still a work of fiction.

  29. Hey flames.go fuck yourself. You’re trying to be cunty like ms.. It ain’t happening you deadbeat dickhead. As for the post it’s possible. I have heard of it happening before. Mainly from friends at parties and said lifts home…

  30. Oh I know you’re all calling this fake. Made me laugh though, well done!

  31. Fuck you man. That wasn’t even on a cunty scale and don’t compare me to that transgendered low life

  32. I checked out a few of the Lamebook archives and everyone in the comment section is so nice and respectful to each other what happened?

  33. MsAnneThrope happened

  34. When you’re middle aged and single like me happens.

  35. i see what you’re driving at maybecakes, but wouldn’t you agree that the status quo is funnier?
    TTF, what the hell are you on about? what has being middle aged and single got to do with the price of eggs in china on a hot sunny day?

  36. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^ Someone told me that you get milder when you get older, I punched him in the throat just to proof him wrong.

  37. ooooh. we should all be nicer and respectfuller to each other.
    that sounds like a Super Fun Time.
    and then we can go to church. does anyone know a church where the communion wine is non-alcoholic?
    maybe we could play a boardgame after?

  38. I’m going to scrapbook all about it.

  39. I’m talking out my ass here. I assumed everyone here is middle aged and single

  40. Looks real to me.
    These vain bitches are EVERYWHERE, even at the dodgy 7/11’s
    God I hate chicks like that! Give the rest of us bad names!

  41. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^couldn’t agree more, thank God for classy girls like you.

  42. You shouldnt just be thanking him once a day, you should be doing it morning, afternoon and night! 🙂

  43. I’ll do that when he bends you over a rusty cattle-trough and fucks you in the as with a machete whilst the other gods piss all over you fat dull face.

  44. cheesecakemousetrap

    “Vain bitches” = broads better looking than this Sam “girl”. By the way, the story is fake, hun.

  45. I’m going to try her line next time, some strange dude says hi to me I always end up saying hi back and getting into a bit of chit-chat. They always turn out to be nuts and eventually start talking about rockets, or space or some shit. Then I’m late for work. Fuck public transport and supermarkets. But sometimes it can get interesting…like with the dude that told everyone about his rocket made out of cardboard and no one else had the spine to point out it clearly would burn up upon re-entry if it even made it to space in the first place. He then promised to take me on the metal one he was now going to work on.
    So really I’ve talked myself around, talking to strangers gets free rides to space on rocket ships. Fuck yeh!!

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