Monday, April 9, 2012

Private Events

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  1. I see mooseknuckle….

  2. #1: AND he gets to be ass-banged by the chick in the purple.
    #2: Is that his ‘O’ face?

  3. Bullwinkle!

  4. I have nothing to say here.

  5. fun fact.
    those furry suits burn *really* fast.

  6. I am pulling an Al Bundy right now

  7. You’re sticking your hand down your pants, Hawky? Really?

  8. That surprises you ?

  9. Well, no, but still…For his sake, I was hoping he got over the whole furry fetish thing…

  10. I don’t think being a furry is something you can just ‘get over’, like homosexuality or necrophilia.
    It goes deeper than that.

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