Monday, April 9, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. #2 – tired of it, and the logic it implies. First, a human body is larger than the straw opening in a capri sun. So, in that case, you’d have a better chance.

  2. Dear lamebook, please stop giving credit to people for stealing Daniel Tosh jokes and acting like they were their own original thoughts. That’s not a week start win it’s week starting theft of intellectual property.

  3. Pretty sure ramen is the official sponsor of facebook. When is the last time you saw the 1% playing farmville? 2. Jessica, your failure to lunch is no reason to give up. In fact I am guessing there are several people on your friends list that could use a good stabbing. Or even a bad one. 3. wtf is an Annika? Is that like a colored russian? Parents need to be less inventive.

  4. @thehype097 Please tell me which one is the Josh joke. I had a good laugh at the Ramen one and I really hope it was an original worth my lol moment. It would severely suck if I laughed at a copied joke.

  5. butterscotchcandy

    sisqi, I’m not really sure why you’re upset with Annika’s parents…that’s by no means a name on the same level as something like “Nevaeh”, not to mention that’s the correct/most common way to spell it too.

  6. The Capri sun joke is a Tosh joke

  7. @5 well sure it’s normal to you, your mother named you butterscotchcandy.

  8. @butterscotchcandy Do I know you?

    I liked the third one. Is that an original one?

  9. @thehype097 Thank you kindly, Sir.

  10. you know, it really is a terrible world when people steal other people’s jokes and use them to try to make other people laugh. there should be a sort of police force that enforces the issue, the comedy police, i guess we could call it. they could cruise around in amusing uniforms and vehicles, and ensure that if anyone uses anyone else’s joke, proper credit is given.

  11. Yeah. Jokes have never been passed around before.

  12. So, jokes are the party girl of lamebook?

  13. why would we need comedy police to do that? we already have an internet full of pedantic losers who voluntarily over-fulfill that function.

  14. I don’t think poverty stricken people eat out at fast food restaurants. Just out of their garbage cans.

  15. butterscotchcandy

    sisqi – She told me I was unique 🙁

  16. How does that make you feel, butterscotch?

  17. What’s wrong with Africa?

  18. The 99%! 😛

  19. I dont understand why people have a problem with someone revealing that Jessica’s joke is not her own. Clearly one of her idiot floozy friends in neon sunglasses and a headband and tube top said it and she liked it so she facebooked it and 55 people ‘liked’ it and thought that Jessica is the funniest new voice in comedy this century. When people sell comedy as their own on the internet I think someone should step in. If this was the night after that tosh aired I’d have no problem, but she probably never saw or heard it and heard it elsewhere, so decided to spread it on and try to get some cred for her comedy chops

  20. ^ new captain of the comedy police
    congrats on your promotion!

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