Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Best Neighbor Complaint Ever

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  1. Stop shitting in my ears! Hahah

  2. Stever likes getting piss in his mouth for hours on end.

  3. Bazingas everywhere! STEEEEEVVEEEERRRRRRRRR!!

  4. That was good all the way up to him calling the cops. No one likes a snitch.

  5. Is OP the dude with the shitty taste in music?

  6. This person stole my idea. Write up fake, angry letters about things that never happened and post them on lame-, i mean Facebook

  7. ^That’s the best you can do with your time, huh?

  8. ^ it may well be. Im in a rush, so this it for me

  9. If you keep listening to house-“music”, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

    Btw., we know this letter is real, from a guy not born in the late 90s, ’cause he actually claim to have once bought a CD.

    I’m not much for CDs and music, I’m more into watching movies on betamax myself.

  10. I hope that I’m not the only hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional being who attempted to click the arrows on the sides of this picture…

  11. ^lol. Me too.

  12. ^I didn’t this time but I’ve pressed the play button on youtube screen shots.

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  15. @11 – Hyper-intelligent compared to what? Steeeever’s clones?

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  17. I like Blink-182. :/

  18. I’d copy this and post it through next door’s lettrbox, but I’m not sure the knuckle dragging fucktards can read.

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