Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pro Tip

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  1. Went over my head…

  2. Periodically they post stuff that is off the chart.

  3. If you keep playing with stuff which belong in your chemistry-class, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  4. lol You guys should take a break from the internet and watch a little tv. It’s a reference to CSI Miami

  5. If you keep watching CSI, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

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  7. I’m out of my element here

  8. I have a pro tip in my pants.

  9. The Beast Among Us

    Silver nitrate is the chemical compound that allows film to become black when exposed to light.

    The “shades” meme is a reference to CSI: Miami.

    The only thing that bugs me is that OP says, “imo.” Why would one add “in my opinion” to not getting the stuff on one’s skin?

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  11. Not that imo. Op is suggesting “I masturbate often.” Think about it. He developed some film and didn’t wash hands before going to spank town in a dark room lit only by a flickering computer screen featuring Peter north and one of the Jennas. He woke up to a surprise, a funny looking boner, and his friend is interested in the development.

  12. Is it on Netflix? Even if it is, I have a long queue waiting to be watched. I do have a life.

  13. Obviously gave up on life days ago. Have to take a break soon, but I need one last fix. Please someone, somewhere, some how, come up with something funny

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  16. ^ I need more help

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