Monday, January 30, 2012

Nicely Done!

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  1. Very apt name, CLINT. Nah I joke, good times.

  2. That’s actually kinda funny…I’m surprised

  3. I do that all the time whenever I’m dumping waste materials in the woods.
    oh wait, no I don’t. because I’m not a filthy skank.

  4. How does dumping ashes in woods make him a filthy skank?

  5. really? who does that? the Clampetts?

  6. Well, idk. I don’t leave nywhere near the woods nor do I have a fireplace, but isn’t that what people do with ashes?

  7. ^a latina who has never heard of gardening? hah!

  8. Uh… What does gardening have to do with anything.
    But yeah, I’m kind of a disappointment to the latino community.

  9. Wood ash is great for reducing the acidity of your soil. Maybe grandma ash as well

  10. Oh, that’s part of the reason forests grow so well after a forest fire, right?

  11. can you snore off back to facebook now, please?

  12. I mean, I see what you’re trying to do here – drown us all in a beige wash of mundane inanity.

    And I don’t like it.

  13. Oops, forgot. Intelligent conversations aren’t allowed here, sorry.

  14. i n t e l l i g e n t.
    does NOT mean what you think it means.

  15. Please don’t go grammar nazi on me for using the word intelligent the wrong way.

  16. what th..?I don’t even…

  17. Yeah, I’m lost. Grammar? I thought you were referring to the lack of substance in this particular conversation. But what would I know?

  18. Oh, that’s not what you were going for? My apologies.

  19. Are you going to apologise for being so fucking stupid that you have to be told that it is poor form to dump shit in the woods, too?

  20. Nope!

  21. ^CUNT

  22. Wait, so dumping ashes in a garden is okay, but dumping ashes in the woods makes you was it put..”filthy skank”. We do all realize that ashes from a fireplace come from burnt wood, right?

    To think those bastards have a house that is obviously where those woods used to be, they aren’t just skanks, they are mindless assholes that don’t deserve to breath the air those delicious trees produce. How dare they live on planet earth! Bastards! *Shakes fist*

  23. Other people have right of access to the woods.
    I don’t like it when I’m out burying a hooker and some questiony little brat out dumpin’ the ashes for Maw n’ Paw comes at me with the questions. I’m already diggin’ one hole here…two wont be that much more effort.

  24. Faecal matter is organic. And good for trees. But you don’t dump THAT in the woods, do you? You dispose of it properly.

  25. Oh, ^ that was intended for notsofast….

  26. Actually, there was this one time I was at the lake and it hit me all of the sudden, it was the lake or the woods. However I did yell at the bear that was taking a dump a few yards away from me, told that asshole that unless it was an emergency like I was experiencing at that moment, then to use the damn public restrooms. Bears are such inconsiderate assholes.

    Bacchante, you do know how a septic system works, right? Outside city limits they don’t send their shit to the doo doo plant to be spun and separated. It is leached out into the ground, where the roots of trees reside and feed off your delicious well broken down microwaved dinner.

  27. Are you on drugs? I can’t even respond to your first paragraph.

    Yes, I am aware of septics; I have had one previously. What I’m talking about is someone going outside their property to dump their waste in the motherfucking woods. Without any type of system separating the nutrient matter from the toxic matter.

    Now, I know everyone wants to be all high and mighty about the composition and source of ashes (i.e. timber product), but I think you’ll find that most commercial timber is treated with formaldehyde and/or other chemicals. So dumping ashes in the woods may not be the brightest idea.

  28. …and stumbling across my collection of bodies is a worse idea.

  29. Well the one time I did shit in the woods I got stung by ants. I guess that was natures way of bitch slapping me and telling me to use a damn toilet and to not eat jalapeños if my ass can’t handle it.

  30. Every time we held a campfire in the woods, the ashes wound up in the woods.
    The one time I shat in the woods, it was highly unpleasant. Not as unpleasant as diarhea in a massive snowstorm while trapped on a highway while the goddamn fucks from the NY Transit got their trucks stuck thus blocking the highway even worse.

  31. Mad wins..though I am a close 2nd.

  32. Aw, notsofast, I was gonna bring that up, but saying Nope! instead made her shut up. Ah, well.

  33. ^suck it.

  34. 😀

  35. ^fucking cunt

  36. freddy! Who are you talking to??
    Derpa derpa, guess what? I live in them there woods 🙂 I poop in them there woods and dump my campfire ashes in em too. Guess what? I wasn’t thrown in jail or yelled at by a grumpy bear. In fact… he thanked me for the abundant amount of new plants that popped up thanks to my gold plated shit 😉
    I’m a fuckin blessing…

  37. No, I yelled at the bear for shitting in the woods. If a bear yelled at me, I’d shit my pants. Probably pee a little too.

    I wish I had gold plated shit :(..thanks for making me feel even worse about myself.

  38. “A fuckin blessing…”

    Is THAT what you call praying for sex?

  39. And don’t even THINK about anointing my head in the name of your god, BiteMe.

  40. Freddy2, is there a reason you keep calling me a cunt or are you just bored?

  41. ^quite clearly, it’s because you are a cunt. duh.

  42. Bacchante, may I anoint your chest in your name?

  43. Regardless of whether I am or am not a cunt, it seems a little redundant to keep repeating it, doesn’t it? At least change it up every third time?

  44. that’s the spirit!

  45. Oh beatus, pearls? You shouldn’t have!

  46. I even spelled your name. See?

    B U K A K I.

    Oh, sorry. That should say, “B A C C H A N T E”. Let me wipe that off and try again…

  47. Ha! =)

  48. I’ve sent this link to my divorce attorney.

  49. Suck it, Mrs; there was no penetration. When did a shower of cum become such a big deal?

    Oh yeah, and I’ve sent the footage to my copyright attorney.
    Your hubby’s gonna be a star.

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