Monday, January 30, 2012

Something’s Not Right

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  1. Also, seledouche, you can call anyone fat or ugly if the ARE fat or ugly. The speaker’s own fugliness or weight does not affect the validity of their judgment upon others.
    This is basic logic, something which as far as I can tell 99.35% of the internet is not aware of.

  2. but it makes fat saggy people feel better if the name-caller is ugly too. I get called shallow for sneering at the fatties in so-called ‘public’ spaces. I mean, wtf? I’m not being the eyesore here – why am I somehow the bad guy?

  3. Ahh, yes it would be must more ragetastic if a child had actually been in the seat. Oh well. Thanks for helping me out and saving a tree.

  4. I think the 3 girls picture is supposed to be funny because the girl on the right’s t-shirt has a face on it (marylin monroe?) which looks like it’s biting the middle girls boob.

  5. Holy shit, hatty! You’re right! I would have stared and stared at that picture all night without your assistance!

  6. so it’s not funny because they are all heifers?

  7. Paranoid Android72

    Can I just say cunt and be done with it?

  8. ^yes you can. Come to think of it, #s 1, 2 and 3 are all cunts.

  9. freddy. suck my giant donkey sized dick. and if you can, balls as well. I know you’ll like it.

    As you Meg1 and Meg2, yet to see those photos, I think that means I win by default, and you are both feet-meets-shovel ugly and arse-meets-both-sides-of-a-doorway fat. I hereby confiscate your right to the internet.

  10. Dick size metaphors. That’s about as original as Pam Anderson’s jugs (not that I don’t appreciate them).
    That all you got, fuckwad?

  11. i) Not a metaphor.
    ii) Her jugs ARE original, only she has them, no-one else does? THat’s about as original as it gets.
    iii) No I’ve also got two beachball sized testes and an anus the size of Jupiter’s ring, in case you’re interested in those. Anyway, come round some time and I’ll put my hand up your arse. Can’t wait.

  12. Which ring of Jupiter do you mean? Because that’s a huge ass-variable you’ve left there.

    I want to have a soapy pool-fight with MsAnneThrope and Macabre-whatever. So much anger, I’d probably drown but I’d be happy.

  13. Hmm… why would she type “potential” in full and then shorten “gonna”!?!? I sense a FAKE! Also, the photo is blurry and the shadows don’t line up (or some shit like that)! FAKE!!

  14. missmacabre is definately a fat ass, gothy wannabe.

  15. I LOL’ed Bacchante. Damn lazy sentence fragments.

    I’m not offended by random cunts on the internets, I just think they’re probably pretty pathetically cunty.

    I *could* be proactive, OR I could troll Lamebook for hours every day. Isn’t that what keeps you so thin? Constantly commenting on the worse of the two facebook fail websites rather than cooking and eating?

    Meh, back to my cheesecake *oink*.

  16. Just look at you. When the virus hits, you will be one of the very first to fall to the zombie horde. I see you as the Chunky Housewife in The Pink Chenille Bathrobe Zombie.

  17. I love MsAnneThrope.
    And all you fat chicks, either stfu, or control the stuff that goes into your mouth. Your inability to control your lifestyle habit shouldn’t affect the financial and medical burden we already have. You can be as fat as you want to as long as you don’t leech money from taxpayers due to disability and chronic diseases (medicare-medicaid).
    Obesity is an epidemic. If you are fat, we will call you fat. Being fat is a disease. So shut up and diet.
    And not everyone suffers from metabolic diseases, that’s just 10%. Rest are lousy and lazy.

  18. *Shut up and DIE, not diet.

  19. <3

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