Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Provanity Plates

Provanity Plates

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  1. This is really cute, actually!

  2. Yeah. Just cute. Not lame.

  3. 1 & 2 are jizz lords.

  4. I’m calling this a win. I even love PJ’s clarification.

  5. I’d like to know adoinisgay’s reaction to this personally lol 😀

  6. I love this too, I’m willing to be the goof with the licence plate has no idea what it looks like to everyone else… I wish I could see their reaction when someone explains it to them!

  7. Cute…no. Lame….yes.

  8. Aunt Charlene ROCKS!

  9. everyone needs n aunt charlene

  10. oh jeez

  11. @ 10. foolishwolf: I definitely misread that as “oh jizz” at first. Oddly appropriate.

  12. Fun and cute. This would be a normal conversation in my family. Maybe I’m related to Aunt Charlene. If not, I will be soon ;).

  13. This was on also…

    same person or…..?


  14. Jesus is LORD 🙂

  15. Jesus is jislord.

  16. This is a classic!! Made me cry laughing.

  17. these people are making status updates about license plates they didnt see, rather someone else saw? wtf? how unoriginal can you get? i saw a “jislord” thing a couple weeks back…

  18. Jesus is coming. You can tell just by the look on his face.

  19. Mikey, you are extremely disrespectful just because you do not nessarily believe in Jesus please have some respect for those of us that do. I find your comment extremely selfish and disrespectful.

  20. Mikey, I believe he’s already COME twice…first he CAME out of a virgin, then he CAME alone out of a cave. Makes me wonder why the religious types are waiting for his second COMING, don’t you? Shouldn’t it be his THIRD coming?

  21. Jesus is Lord!
    He can turn liquids to wine,
    Sticky wine for chicks.

  22. FUCK!

    Jesus is our Lord!
    He can turn liquids to wine,
    Sticky wine for chicks.

  23. The Lord works in jisterious ways.

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  25. You guys are disgusting and have no repect for other people and their belief’s. You problerly have no respect for your selves or your families either if you can have such filthy mouths. I am repulsed by your comments!

  26. Why should I have respect for people’s beliefs? Seriously. Think about it.

  27. 19&25 – Do you have respect for their beliefs? I doubt it. Most people who are of the mindset that their religion is the only ‘way, truth and light’ (be they Christian, Pagan, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever) DON’T have respect for other belief systems. Telling someone to respect your religious choices when (more than likely) you don’t do the same, is hypocritical.

  28. MR HAIKU!!! You had me worried for a second there! (*wipes sweat from brow*)

  29. My wife is Christian and she thought everything here (including the comment about Jesus and the look on his face) was funny. The reason no one respects your beliefs is that you do not respect others. Being an atheist (yeah, go figure), since my wife has found God and I don’t beleive in it, I have been called a ‘Satan worshipper’ by several of her congregation (sp?), including her pastor. So, why dont you go find “God’s Word” somewhere in a third world country or something!

    Religious people can blow me…

  30. @ tristan i bet one already has

  31. @cindy you “proberly” should learn how to spell

  32. @ shivadestroyer

    You got me there…lol

  33. aww cute

  34. Tristan,

    How can an atheist be a satan worshipper anyway? Surely if you don’t believe in god, then you don’t believe in satan. It’d be kind of a waste of time to worship him if you don’t believe in him.

  35. @A theist

    Maybe you should ask the Christians that. Somewhere along the way, atheism got tied to Satan. I think it was during The Crusades.

  36. Aunt Charlene has probably taken a load or three in her life.

  37. I nearly died laughing….

  38. lmao @ shivadestroyer (30)

  39. John Players Standard

    I’m really old and in the dark.

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